Build the Ultimate Adventure Kit

Build the Ultimate Adventure Kit

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A few months ago I came across an idea, a movement, to get children off the screens and outside… for 1000 hours. Yes, 1000 hours! That’s roughly 20 hours a week or 3 hours per day, every day for an entire year.* Does this sound insane or totally doable for you?

Personally I am not in the position to dedicate 3 hours daily (though thankfully I know a lot of that time will still be met for my daughter through daycare), however I loved the general idea and it certainly got me thinking about how I can incorporate more time in nature. And not only that, I wondered how I could make it a truly magical and immersive experience.

"A recent survey of 12,000 parents in 10 countries found that one-third of the kids aged 5 to 12 spend less than 30 minutes outside each day. This is less than prisoners in a maximum security facility in the US, where they are guaranteed 2 hours of outdoor time a day. Another study shows that traditional childhood activities are in decline. Many children have never experienced flying a kite, climbing a tree, building a sandcastle or planting seeds.” - Source: Non-Toy Gifts

After some digging through Pinterest I eventually decided to build an Adventure Kit - a small bag or box filled with handy, open-ended items and practical tools that can easily be slipped into a backpack or kept in the boot of our car. This simple idea has completely transformed our outdoors experience which is why I need to share my Adventure Kit in hopes that it may inspire you to build one for your family too. You don’t really need much to build a kit, if you can get most of the items on this list you’ll be off to a good start! Don’t forget you can always add more items or even upgrade some items as your children gain more experience exploring nature.

Watercolour paints. Have a go at painting a picture of the trees and flowers you see. Make it extra fun and use rain, puddle or stream water to activate the paints! Crayons. Perfect for leaf and bark rubbings. A Pencil. You’ll be surprised how handy this will be, perfect for writing lots of field notes. Paper. Build paper boats to sail and pirate hats. A must-have for all the paintings and drawings too. A Notebook. To write lots of field notes or build a leaf rubbing catalog. A Clipboard. Definitely need something to press on. Scavenger Hunts. A crowd favourite and always entertaining, you can find a free printable HERE. Net. Not necessary but fun to have. Magnifying Glass. Nature is amazing up close. String. Always handy to have, you never know when you'll find the perfect stream to build and sail a little twig raft. Scissors. For the paper and string + to cut the fallen leaves into confetti. Bandana. Make a flag or collect shells and tree nuts. Small Jars. Because "why do kids love bugs so much?" Plasters. Be prepared for the inevitable. Hand Sanitiser. Keep curious little hands clean. Snacks. Things can spiral quickly when tummies start rumbling, avoid the drama and pack a few easy snacks. Sunblock. Sunblock is recommended in all weather, stay protected.

In 2018 Crywolf was launched, with the founding vision of getting kids outdoors. Crywolf designs quality, high performing and playful rainwear to encourage outdoor play and are cleverly designed and tested here in New Zealand - because if there's one thing New Zealanders know, it's rain. Don't let the weather stop you, check out their latest range HERE to complete your Adventure Kit.

See you out there!

Tania of LMB. x

*Read more about the 1000 hours movement HERE.


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