Be Prepared: Sick Day Survival Kit

Be Prepared: Sick Day Survival Kit

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I've had the idea to write a post on Sick Day Survival Kits for months, even well before winter and the current everything happening out there in the world right now. I just couldn't find the motivation to get my little fingers to do the typing and so the thought has sat quietly on the back burner.

Now you may be wondering "well, why now?" and my answer to this is... parenting, it's a tough gig. I'm just going to be completely honest and admit that my eyes are totally bloodshot and swollen from the little pity party I threw myself in the shower tonight. My daughter and I have been taking it in turns to be sick over the past few weeks, and when one of us has recovered the other turns a corner and it's all on again.

This is not intended to be a 'woe is me' post, because I know many of you would have had very similar experiences (some much worse than a few weeks of sore throats and sniffles). The reality is, nursing a child can be exhausting and sickness has a funny way of creeping in at the most inconvenient times - like the middle of the night. It's hard work.

And so tired mama (hey!) I need to share my Sick Day Survival Kit in hopes that it may inspire you to build one for your family too. Keep in mind that what I choose for my family may be different than yours, but the concept remains the same - having what you need on hand when sickness strikes makes tending to those who are sick a wee bit easier.

If you want to escape the mad dash to the shops with a miserable child in tow, then I strongly encourage you to have a nosey below...

My survival kit is simply broken down into 4 categories; Remedies, cleaning, snacks and activities. Please note that this is NOT a first aid kit and won't include medications or medical items.


The Nude Alchemist Chest Rub for Kids (4*) - The scent reminds me of my childhood and the smell alone brings me quite a lot of comfort. Applied to the chest, neck and back it can help to relieve congestion, making it easier for the little ones to breathe. Honey (5*) - To help ease those darn midnight coughing fits! Essential Oils (6*) - There are a lot of brands on the market so you may want to do some research and see what will work best for your family, I personally use doTERRA. My favourite blend is Easy Air and I will diffuse it throughout the house the minute I hear coughing or spy a runny nose. The Nude Alchemist Magnesium Rescue and Sleep Support - Magnesium calms the nervous system and can help to relax the body and promote sleep. We massage this into the soles of our feet after a hot shower and then it's zzzzzzz!


New Edition Hand Sanitiser (1*) - Because germs. New Edition Everything Spray - Because more germs! I like to wipe down toys, books and other germy surfaces such as the bathroom to avoid reinfection. Lots of toothbrushes (2*) - It's so important to replace toothbrushes regularly, especially after someone has been sick. I like to keep a stash in my Sick Day Kit so we don't forget. Tissues - pretty self explanatory, an absolute essential in your kit.


What you include here is really up to you, your dietary requirements, personal taste and preferences. I like to pack items I know my daughter will eat, such as crackers and pureed fruit pouches as they're easy on the tummy. Coconut water is a favourite in my house and is a great option to help keep everyone well hydrated. You can of course switch this for Pedialyte, lemonade or plain ol' water. I also like to keep a few treats (7*) and lollies on hand... for bribery. I don't know about you but it is an absolute mission to get my daughter to take her medication, and sometimes you've just gotta do what you gotta do. Vegetable stock is another must! It's so easy to whip up a quick, nourishing soup using whatever I have in the fridge.


I keep the Floss & Rock Water Colour-in Cards (8*) in our kit as a special activity that can only be used during a sick day. This keeps the item interesting and novel + it is easy to wipe down and disinfect afterwards. A great option for older kids is the Floss & Rock Magnetic Fun & Games Tin as it's compact, easy to clean and keeps the sick child on the couch (but not in front of the TV). Honey Sticks Bath Colour Drops (3*) - sometimes a bath is the last thing you want when you're sick and so I use the colour drops as a tool to encourage my daughter to get in. Works a charm!

I hope you found some inspiration to create your own Sick Day Survival Kit. You know your family the best so feel free to personalise the items and make it your own. But remember, the point of the kit is to avoid having to rush to the shops, so if you take something out, replace it as soon as possible to ensure you are prepared at all times.

Right, I'm off for a cup of tea and an early night. Take care!

Tania X 

*the image used in the cover of this post can be found here (ENT Institute)


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