Some ideas for those of us whose creativity has been exhausted!

Some ideas for those of us whose creativity has been exhausted!

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It's wet & miserable here, it's 11.09am & we're all still in our PJ's (it's a Thursday morning for reference). Jeremy dropped Eli to school this morning on his way to work, he was also late to rise & well...the rest of us have been slow to get moving too. Sometimes you just need a lazy day!

Because the world is still a little strange (cheers COVID) I've been thinking about how to do more activities from home. I know some of us exhausted our creativity in lockdown so here's just a few more fun ideas from creatives we partner with here at Little Mash Boutqiue;

Fabelab have a MiniMakers page & shoot me it's cute but my favourite are these ice-cream pompoms, I might be forcing Sebby to have an Ice-Cream birthday party & making myself my own rainbow! I know ice-cream is typically synonymous with summer but I really do feel an ice-cream themed party coming on. You can follow along with this cute tutorial HERE & Clever Poppy has an easy tutorial on how to make pompom's HERE

After I've finished this blog I plan on getting out our CubbyTime, throwing it over the kitchen table & serving the boys lunch in there. I'll pop some sort of toy or activity in there too, maybe duplo or cars & that will give me time to shower & make my bed (yep...beginning to regret this slow start situation I've put us in, the mundane jobs still need doing)! What I love about the CubbyTime is the thickness & quality of the fabric, that it can be adjusted to fit different length tables, that we can use it outside & that it can be washed if it gets grubby! AND... it doesn't collapse like alllllllllll the huts I made in our lounge as a child out of blankets & sheets!!!!!!!

My last one is Hide & Seek Kisses from The Kiss Co. These are just gems - something you can use to change moods, a learning tool & a great association with LOVE. You might use yours daily - I've had one mum tell me how she would put one of the kisses in her daughters lunchbox when she was going through a tough patch, ummmmm how sweet is that?! We put ours away & I bring them out when we need to calm down or practice some counting or to accompany our bedtime story

I hope this has sparked some ideas for you on these wet & cold days while we're at home, enjoy your time with those little people


Ren. X


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