DIY Postpartum Padsicles

DIY Postpartum Padsicles

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My darling daughter made her grand entrance after just one push and with her hands up by her face. She also had reeeeally long nails ... can you sense where this is going? It wasn't pretty, guys! Thanks to her handy work (pun intended) my road to recovery was long and very painful. And so my humble childbirth advice I offer you now is: Padsicles. Lots of them. Trust me!

Padsicles are frozen maternity pads soaked with healing ingredients that are used to provide pain relief after vaginal birth. When made correctly, they will help to reduce swelling, heal bruising and still absorb postpartum bleeding. 

They are super easy to prepare and make an excellent third trimester activity. However, don't wait too long as some babies come before their due date! I recommend making between 20-30 pads.

Note: Padsicles are typically used by women who have had a vaginal delivery - however if you laboured and even pushed prior to a cesarean, you may still benefit from wearing one.

What you need:

  1. Remove the pad from the outer wrapper without removing the adhesive strips
  2. Open the pad and lay flat
  3. Pour water over the pad until soaked (do not drench as the pad will still need to absorb bleeding)
  4. Generously spray the pad with the Mama + Me Perineum Recovery Spray or Mama + Me Padsicle Serum (4-5 pumps should do the trick!)
  5. Wrap the pads individually in plastic wrap
  6. Freeze in a ziplock bag or an airtight container

Thaw the pads for 5 minutes before using to avoid it sticking to your skin - ouch! The healing ingredients will continue to work long after the padsicle has thawed - wear as a normal pad until it needs to be changed.

Best of luck!

Tania X


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