Water Resist Learning with Honeysticks

Water Resist Learning with Honeysticks

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Have you tried watercolour resist learning? ⁠It's an age old technique using a natural coloured crayon and watercolour paint. Write or draw a message, or picture on a dry piece of paper, then paint over the drawing and the wax in the crayon will repel the paint, revealing the "hidden message."⁠

There are many great ways to incorporate this into a fun way of learning with your child.

All you will need is:

  • A white crayon
  • Honeysticks Natural Watercolours
  • Watercolour paper or a thicker, good quality art paper. If you're using normal writing paper you may find that the watercolours leak more and isn't as defined

A few ways that you can create a fun lesson using water colour resist are:

  • Number recognition
  • Alphabet learning
  • Counting (how many stars are there, and then reveal the number)
  • How to spell (guess the next letter)
  • Maths (write simple addition or subtraction problems on paper, and then reveal the answer)

Take your learning outdoors:

Our Honeysticks Natural Watercolours comes everywhere with us. Over the past 2 years it has been to the snow, camping, and on multiple hikes and adventures. The tin packaging is durable and convenient and only requires a bit of water to activate the paints (we use rain, ocean or stream water) + watercolours dry faster than regular acrylic options. Perfect for when you're out and about.

Tania of LMB

This blog post has been adapted from Honeystick's website, you can read their original article in full HERE


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