Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls, PJ's, Movies & Crafts - Need I Say More?!

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls, PJ's, Movies & Crafts - Need I Say More?!

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We're spending Easter with my mum this year and I'm envisioning {hoping for might be a better choice of words} a VERY slow weekend with too much food & too much TV. Us Lardelli's enjoy a movie, we regularly have 'Movie Night' on a Friday with the boys - we eat a lazy dinner, shower early, pop our pjs on and always eat hot popcorn topped with m&m's {crispy is preferred}. If you asked the boys what is the best thing I make they'd all tell you Cinnamon Rolls. We don't do Hot Cross Buns at Easter, none of us like them but we always have Cinnamon Rolls. So, if you're like us and feeling a little tired join us in your pjs with a movie and some Bunny Cinnamon Rolls this Easter!

I wish I could tell you that I made these delightful looking Bunny Cinnamon Rolls but all credit goes to Julie Blanner but you bet I'll be adding bunny ears to our rolls this year. You can give my recipe a whirl - one bowl, one rise with deliciously whipped cream cheese frosting!

Here's some of our family's favourite movies, ones that we've watched over & over again. I can almost guarantee you've seen them all but incase you haven't - grab your new Easter PJ's, tune in & don't forget to top your popcorn with Easter M&M's;

  1. Mulan 
  2. Monsters Inc.
  3. The Kirate Kid, 2010
  4. Big Hero 6
  5. Remember the Titans tied with Blind Side
And when the eyes are well & truly square & the bellies are stuffed with Bunny Cinnamon Rolls how about some Easter Craft with Julie of Clever Poppy - this is a really cute little project to do with the kids & all you’ll need is a black pen, some thin washi tape, some cardboard and a pinkish coloured pen. 


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