Everyone loves the Tooth Fairy

Everyone loves the Tooth Fairy

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A few weeks ago I took Eli to the dentist - he's in need of braces! He has all his adult teeth but we're still trying to convince him that 10 [maybe 11 by the time they go on] is a good age to get them, he doesn't believe that he won't be the only kid at intermediate with braces when he starts next year. 

He's never believed in Santa the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny but he still likes all the goodness that comes along with those traditions knowing it is us behind all the fun. Here's a true story - in Year 1 his teacher had to take me aside after he told everyone in his class that Santa wasn't real. Goodness me - that was awkward...and a little funny!

Every wondered how much to pay? Often the tooth fairy's generosity or stinginess comes down to how much cash we have on hand. If we were to loose a tonight the toothless individual would be getting 50 cents because I know I have one of those straggling in the drink compartment of my car. I NEVER HAVE CASH! According to Delta Dental's Original Tooth Fairy Poll, 46% of parents said spare cash was the No. 1 factor in determining Tooth Fairy payouts and 31% said children’s ages set the value of a tooth. How much do you fork out for each tooth?

There's is a National Tooth Fairy Day - who knew?! A made-up holiday celebrated on August 22, I suppose the myth is comforting for many children who are afraid of losing a tooth. The tradition traces back to medieval Europe but the persona of the “Tooth Fairy” came about in the 20th century.  

Everyone loves the tooth fairy & what’s not to love? Loose a tooth, get a coin, or maybe your fairy only has notes! Even Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reminded us that the Tooth Fairy & his/her counterpart the Easter Bunny are essential workers {wink, there's no excuses} so here’s a fun & free project by Handmade Charlotte to make the experience more memorable & all you need are a few basic craft supplies. Click HERE to get creative!



Or if you're anything like me, then this Fabelab Tooth Fairy Pouch might be more up your alley. My craft juices have faded in recent years. Plus, turn it into a wee heirloom keepsake. The magic of the Tooth Fairy is everlasting. Snuggled up in bed, clutching a newly-lost tooth & waiting for the magic that is about to happen, is one of the best parts of being a little one. Instructions for little ones:

1. Lose a tooth (ouch!)
2. Wait for bedtime 
3. Hide your tooth in this pouch and tuck it safely underneath your pillow
4. Fall asleep & wait for morning when the Tooth Fairy will have visited, leaving treasure in place of your little tooth


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