FIND YOUR TRIBE: Female Networking

FIND YOUR TRIBE: Female Networking

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I used to hate the thought of networking, the pressure to sell an idea of myself or my idea to strangers.

I tried a couple of  big networking groups both here in New Zealand and in the UK, I hated them. Name badges, business card pushing, forced to pay for food I didn’t want and sit on a cold table with a bunch of strangers…ewww.
But I was so lonely, uninspired, and wanted to build my connections, I missed my UK friends.

I was tired of feeling alone.

I can struggle with anxiety, meeting new people, with sitting around a table with people that I love, never mind strangers.

But I also struggled with playing small, with Groundhog Day, with trying to do it all.

And so I formed my own networking group, and my life changed forever.
When you're in a room of heart cantered women, there’s a feeling of unity, of vulnerability, of ‘I hear ya!’.

Women’s networking groups when lead by a heart centred team, are a beautiful way to create new relationships and opportunities.

Women tend to understand women and what we see is trusted open-hearted conversations, from childcare issues, sleep problems, skincare to building a website or creating a new business.


Not many of us make space for creating new connections, but we know making genuine connections with others takes time. With professional groups you can fast-forward to connection because a lot of the challenges are universal to that group.

I highly encourage women to find their tribe and dive in, show up, get involved, be of service. 

Check networking groups out, join for a month if you aren’t sure, but commit to it.

You want to walk into a room where you see authenticity and empowerment. This feeling is usually a reflection of a solid leadership vision and a supportive spirit that’s present in the group. 

Check out if the group is aligned with your values.

  • Do they offer a wide range of benefits?
  • Are they just about business or do they cater to all women?
  • Are they about connection or competition?
  • Can you see the costs online?
  • Is it a professional business with an online presence?
  • Is there a clear leader, and a friendly team?
  • Do you need to sign up for a whole year? 
  • Do they contribute to the wider community?

When you join a supportive women’s networking group, and you show up, you’ll realise the potential for incredible life or business growth.
I believe we are fortunate to live in a time where women are capable of building dreams and supporting each other.

Generally speaking, women grow stronger in confidence when they are encouraged and supported by other women.
It’s not easy trying to do life or business by yourself, I’m so grateful that’s not me anymore.

So don’t isolate yourself, ladies. Go ahead and find supportive women’s networking groups you can relate to and enjoy all the benefits they offer. 

Written by Caron Proctor
Founder of Your Tribe

*Want to see more? Visit Thanks so much for sharing with us, Caron!


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