It's in the mail! Snail mail subscriptions your kids will love

It's in the mail! Snail mail subscriptions your kids will love

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When I was 8, my older sister would pay me to take little notes to her best friend who lived a couple of houses down the street. I'd spend Saturday afternoons running back and forth between the two houses and even wore a wee satchel to carry the letters. My favourite TV show was Postman Pat (and in hindsight I probably watched it well past the recommended age) and in my spare time I'd often play with a vintage wax seal kit or write letters to my Grandmother. The thrill of finding a letter in the mailbox that was addressed to me are some of my fondest memories.

My love for mail has followed me into adult life too. I feel compelled to buy envelopes, stationary and all the mail themed children's books (especially if there are real letters to pull out). I even gifted my daughter Marley her very own wax seal for Christmas last year. I guess what I'm trying to say is - I love snail mail! I'm sad that it's a dying form of communication, that the price of stamps is through the roof, and the only mail I get these days are reminders to renew my car insurance.

But all is not lost because I have found a way for my daughter (and vicariously me) to experience the joy of snail mail in her childhood too. And that is through snail mail subscriptions - yes, they exist! And they're amazing and wonderful and fill my nostalgic heart.

I've listed 3 of our favourite subscriptions below ...

1. Snail Mail Stories

Why we love it: Created by 2 Kiwi mums, the letters from Snail Mail Stories are focused on getting your children outdoors and exploring the world around them. They are educational, practical and often include materials for little craft projects.

I have personally found these letters helpful in creating quality time with my daughter, as we discuss and work through the contents together. In a world of instant messaging and a 'fast, fast, faster' mentality, I also like that Snail Mail Stories are delivered monthly, as I believe this fosters anticipation and ultimately patience.

These letters are posted within New Zealand and delivery is fairly quick. Snail Mail Stories also provides an address for your child to write a reply.

    Subscribe to Snail Mail Stories here - or try before you buy with their Taster Envelope.

    2. Letters From Afar

    Why we love it: Have you ever come across something and wished it had been your idea? Introducing Letters From Afar - a monthly snail mail subscription for kids (but if you’re anything like me, you’ll secretly stash them for yourself). 

    Written by an adventurous fictional character who visits and describes exotic far away lands, these letters are the perfect solution for the current travel restrictions. Each letter is really informative, interesting and BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, they are something you'll want to hold on to for years. They include 1 or 2 vintage stamps with each letter too.

    These letters are posted from America and take roughly a month to arrive in New Zealand, which hasn't been a problem for us, but just something to be mindful of. Letters From Afar has also provided an address for your child to send a reply.

    Subscribe to Letters From Afar here - and while you’re at it, check out their latest addition and equally beautiful Yesteryear Gazette.

    3. The Fairy Mail Co

    Why we love it: Letters written by fairies? Can it get more magical than that?

    I first discovered The Fairy Mail Co on Etsy when I purchased a one time delivery for Marleys 4th birthday (it was a birthday card from a fairy - a little girls dream!). Recently they have introduced the option of paying a one time fee for unlimited access to art prints, letters and other goodies for you to download. All you have to do is select what you want to use, print it off, get as creative as you want and organise the delivery in a way that works for you. How fun! And a great option for those of us living here in New Zealand as delivery from overseas is obviously influenced by global circumstances - for lack of a better word (ok, pandemics).

    The letters focus on values like kindness and being brave. The Fairy Mail Co also provides interactive features on social media, such as a live Fairyland Cam where you can show your child footage of Fairyland.

    Subscribe to The Fairy Mail Co here - or join the Fairy Mail Club and download, print and deliver the magic.

    Tania of LMB. x

    *the opinions in this post are my own and have not been sponsored. The images used in the cover of this post can be found here (Amy F. Hughes Flickr)


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