Meet the Maker | Georgia Holmes of G.Nancy

Meet the Maker | Georgia Holmes of G.Nancy

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We chat with Georgia Nancy Holmes this week about her brand G.Nancy - a realised dream for her collection of simple but beautiful PJ sets. She & Oli Holmes (husband, partner in love & live, illustrator & artist) design collaboratively & we’ve fallen in love with their trademark stars & new prints each season

Georgia has lots of experience getting little people into PJ’s & shares how "Having grown up in the country where baths were taken at four in the afternoon and we were rarely out of our pyjamas, it is truly a labor of love for me to create a beautiful product that kids can happily lounge around in on lazy mornings or pull on in the early evening just to feel cosy and snug”. I’m still left wanting to know more about G.Nancy so thank you for agreeing to chat more with us & be apart of our Meet the Maker Series

[Georgia with Ivy + while growing wee Vinnie]

You get to work with your husband Oli, that’s pretty special! I’m super intrigued by husband & wife duo’s so tell us more what that’s like? How did this all start? (The business, not that relationship - though you can tell us how you met if you like 😉) 

There are very few people in the world who can translate my incessant chatter but Oli is one of those, we both fall hard for new creative projects so make a good duo. In saying that creating together is laughable most seasons! I spend time telling him the focus of a collection and how I want it to feel and then he asks me when I want the screen, in most cases, I look the other way, laugh and say - yesterday. He spends hours drawing the same thing 100 times and I come over and with very little sensitivity circle the ones I have fallen head over heels for and curtly cross the ones that are distracting the work coming together. Left to it Oli would take weeks to draw a new collection - so together we meet somewhere around the middle or perhaps slightly in my favour, I am not light on deadlines. 

You have a very young family Ivy is 4 & Vinny is 10 months old. I’m still learning the art of juggling work, business & children & I’m always up for tips on how to do it better. How do you do it? What’s a day in the life of Georgia - wife, mum & business lady like?

I am not sure I do, do it. I like to think that my children will grow up with gumption having watched their mum hustle for years. But other times I wonder if I am letting them down, while my mind is elsewhere and my relationship with my phone is fairly terrifying. Over the past seven years or so I have been at this my aim has never been to juggle but to create structure into my day. I scan emails first thing in the morning and file them in my head based on priority (or I forward them to my trusty right-hand lady to deal with at a blistering pace). Then I drop Ivy to pre-school and Vincent and I drink all the coffee and play in all of the dirt until I put him down for his big morning sleep. The rest of the day is frankly a blur until they go to sleep and I can reflect on what I did and did not complete. Perhaps I will eyeball a list I have written, mostly to expel my thoughts as these lists often never get reviewed again.

Weekends I do not work, I rarely answer calls, ever and I have ‘hobbies’, like knitting which sole purpose is to rest my mind and keep me away from screens. Does that chaotically answer the question?  

What is your favourite part/aspect of your business? The thing you love to do the most?

I love to create stories in our sleepwear to delight families! And I love making our sleepwear in a way that respects our land and the lives of others. It is comforting knowing we are creating a quality product that families enjoy for generations and treads lightly on the earth

[Five Little Birds in G.Nancy]

G.Nancy PJs are manufactured in Australia from start to finish - all dyed, printed & manufactured there. That’s remarkable, truly! You must be pretty chuffed at that? (And you should be)!

You know I am chuffed, it has taken years to find the right team. Only on this most recent patchwork collection, I feel we have reached manufacturing perfection with the dream team working on our pyjamas from the very first loop of fabric until the final seal of our garment bags.

Small business is a tricky and a constantly moving landscape, minimums go up and down and specifications change, suppliers let you down it’s a hustle I feel we might have nearly contained for this one product … it must be time to add to the range and start the hustle all over again!

You launched a Limited Edition collection a couple of days ago & I know that you’ve packed all of your PJs into brand new ComPoly ‘Better Packaging Co’ garment sleeves. I also know you’re thrilled to be able to make that move as a company. How important is your sustainability journey? And it’s Plastic Free July, do you have any tips on how we/consumers can participate in the global movement to reduce plastic pollution & our waste so we can have cleaner streets, oceans & beautiful communities?

We have and I can’t tell you how hard it has been to make the change! The garment industry in Australia is getting smaller by the day and we come up against all sorts of obstacles to make improvements in line with our values on a larger scale.

Tips: simply buy quality goods - once. Those pieces will be loved and enjoyed and LAST. They will be passed down and create memories and perhaps one day be remade into other little things. But the tat, the things you don’t build a connection with. Those are the scary things, the things that build up inside your home and end up filling banks of landfill. Find a handful of companies you align with and wish to support in each field and pop your energy and focus into bringing them into your home.

Oh, and we are on a journey of stainless steel coffee pods and loose leaf tea for the million cups of both that we have a day - we welcome suggestions on the pods - I am not quite sure we have landed on the right combo yet?!

We’re so grateful for your time Georgia - I know there aren’t many spare minutes between raising small humans & launching epic PJs. Congratulations on another successful launch of beautiful PJs. Thank you,

Little Mash Boutique. X


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