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Meet Natalia, the gal behind Rollaway Rollers. Concerned with the growing amount of people using essential oils incorrectly and giving unsound advice, she sought to develop a range of organic essential oil products for children + support busy parents who do not have time or energy to do the research, blend and source their own oils. Thus Rollaway Rollers was born (with a little help from her mum who is the genius behind the brand name). Learn how this solo mama of 5 does it all as she answers 9 quick fire questions below:

We have such admiration for women who take leaps and start businesses, bravo! Where did the idea for Rollaway Rollers come from?

Thanks so much for allowing me to come and share a little bit about our business and myself, it’s an honour to be a part of this!

Rollaway Rollers actually started because my wee boy had really bad constipation and I was talking to my friend about it. She had done aromatherapy and quite a few courses with Robert Tisserand (a leading expert on essential oil safety) and gave me a blend that she had made and it worked so well! So she gave me other blends to try for different things. I loved that all the oils and dilution rates were safe for children, as a lot of what is promoted out there is not safe. So I suggested well how about we start a business that promotes fun, easy but safe solutions to everyday problems. I think the key is these rollers are just another solution in your medical kit. Just like anything, having different options is important especially ones that are organic and natural. 

My mum thought of the name Rollaway Rollers because you are rolling away the problem - I was like that is genius!

What was the journey between “I have an idea” to the launch of Rollaway Rollers? Did you experience any self-doubt or roadblocks?

I am a bit of an ideas person so I have to rein myself in a bit. It all happened pretty quickly once we had the name sorted - it was like right let’s do this! And yes I am always having self doubt. Do people really want this product? Is it worth the time and energy? But when you know your WHY you push through and we have had so many parents thanking us for making these rollers so that makes it all worth it.

What is your favourite part/aspect of your business? The thing you love to do the most?

The best part of business for me is when I receive a message asking “hey will this work for this" and I can have that conversation with someone. Even suggesting actually this won’t work for that, maybe try this product. I think when you are honest with people they trust you more and at the end of the day you want what will work for their family. 

What is a typical day in the life of Natalia - 29 year old mama of 5 & business lady like?

How to answer this... I feel like I am on a roller coaster every day. I am not a very structured person, it’s just not who I am, so I have many things on the go all the time. Our mornings start with the race to breakfast, getting ready and dropping the kids to school. I try to make sure I am having quality time with my three year old but also doing social media for my business. Then it’s school pick up, after school sports, homework, dinner, bedtime - it’s usually 9pm when I can get started on my own stuff. I have a lot of very late nights and early mornings. My body clock at the moment goes to sleep at 2am which is not a good thing. 

As a single mama myself I am always curious to know - how do you care for your own mental and physical wellbeing while juggling work and children?

I don’t know is my honest answer. This last year and half has been the hardest for me personally - going through a separation, doing up our house to sell, selling, moving, juggling the kids emotions. My own emotions have been all over the show. I am a really positive person and LOVE people so I think it is so important you have things in your life you enjoy. For me that is dancing and catching up with friends. I would love to actually work out every day and be part of the 5am club... I’m working on it! 

I listen to ALOT of podcasts while I am driving. I think the most important thing to give yourself is GRACE. It’s ok not to have it all figured out and to also feel your emotions. You can cry in front of your kids as long as you explain “hey mum's just feeling sad at the moment but it’s ok” 

I think we all try our very best and sometimes there is so much pressure to look like we have it all together when the truth is we are just coping. Ask for help and don’t be embarrassed. I find it such an honour when my friends ask “hey can you pick up one of my kids?" or "could you take them for the afternoon?"

How would you describe your parenting style? Do you have any advice for new parents?

I would say I am extremely flexible but a firm, supportive parent. I am big on adventures - we are always going places, doing activities and being busy. I am not a homebody at all. I have 4 boys and 1 girl and it is full on. Skate parks are always on the list. My advice to new parents... be kind to yourself, parent how you want to parent. If you are in a relationship then make that a priority, do date nights and have fun together. Do things for yourself as well, your child will be fine with their dad or babysitter for a few hours. Have FUN with your kids, swing on swings and play games.

Can you share one of your favourite parenting moments?

Oh wow there is so many, at the moment my favourite parenting moments is when my youngest comes up to me and says “I love you mummy.” He does it all the time and I just melt. I also love when you have had a conversation with your kids about a situation and then they come up to you and apologise on their own - you feel like you have nailed parenting haha.

What are 3 things you CANNOT live without?

My family, coffee and friends.

Success, what is that to you?

Success to me is just enjoying life, giving back to people, being happy and having incredible relationships with family and friends. 

Thanks so much for allowing me to share a little about myself. 

Nat x

Thank you again for your time Natalia, we love what you create for our little people & LMB feels privileged to be a part of your Rollaway family. You can follow Natalia HERE & you can shop Rollaway Rollers with us at LMB HERE x


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