I’ve been loved up on Little Mash Boutique since I took over the helm in October 2018, it’s been the funnest job I’ve ever had, every time I've turned the key and opened her up I've adored being there. The store has has allowed me to have the most generous control of my time to work around my family but, they’re bigger now and they need me in a different and more present way so, I’ve decided it’s time to pass the Little Mash Boutique torch on to someone else.

I can’t just pass her on to just anyone though, I will take my time finding the right someone, that someone has to be well aligned to the values we work by - think of our cactus story which you can read HERE. This is your opportunity to secure the flexible working dream, to take over a business of humble beginnings, one that began at home in 2012 then opened its doors here at 320 Barton Street almost a decade ago in 2014 - proof it’s weathered a myriad of challenges but stands ready for someone else to make magic.

With the deepest gratitude I thank you for giving me the greatest 5 years, Ren. X


  • Asking price $105,000 or near offer, plus stock.
  • Beyond the bricks-and-mortar store in Hamilton's CBD, a premise we've occupied for 10 years, we also have a high spec e-commerce Shopify website for online trading.
  • The business could be owner-operated or you could work alongside part-time staff. The bricks-and-mortar store currently trades 28 hours week as that's what suits my lifestyle and commitments but you'll have the power to operate hours that suits yours.
  • The store premise is approximately 30m2, you will take on the remainder of the lease which expires in October 2024. You can negotiate a new lease arrangement with the landlord if you wish to stay on, he's been nothing but great to me btw.
  • Included in the asking price is plant comprised of iMac, iPad, racking, drawers, signage, counter, coat hangers, courier printer, receipt printer, paper bags, courier bags, packing boxes, wrapping paper, stationary etc...
  • Also included in the asking price are intangible assets of high-spec website [at least $10,000 build], social media [Instagram 18K, Facebook 35K], email list [7K] and loyalty program [2K], brand kit and a comprehensive portal of assets [operations manual, processes, marketing material, supplier list etc...]
  • A 2 week handover period with full training will be provided
  1. Make a booking to meet with me in-person HERE
  2. Documents will be made available to you after the signing of a confidentiality agreement
  3. I can't wait to talk all things Little Mash Boutique with you