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Hello Sunshine Essential Oil Roller

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Hello Sunshine 10ml Essential Oil Roller - Slayer of storm clouds. Blazer of sunshine.


  • Wild Orange, Lavandin, Lavender, Tangerine, Elemi, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon, Melissa, Ylang Yalng, Osmanthus, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Factionated Coconut Oil.


  • Your kids are not morning people, and because giving coffee to a 5 year old is wrong, right??
  • When the wrong side of the bed seems to be the only exit
  • Your 2 year old misses the memo that 5a.m. is NOT wake up time
  • Your 7 year old thinks they are a teenager and refuses to get out of bed before noon. Rise and shine!
  • Your 4 year old had to play with the red car at Kindy and they really wanted to use blue one
  • You gave them the wrong coloured plate or cup


  • Not suitable for use on children under 2 years of age
  • Always read individual bottles for directions for use
  • Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and other sensitive areas
  • If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under doctors care, consult your physician before use
  • For external use only
  • Keep out of reach of children 

NOTES - This blend and the sun do not mix. Direct exposure to sunlight or UV rays increase the potential for a skin reaction to occur.  Avoid sunlight and UV rays on exposed skin for up to 12 hours after applying. Morale of the story; this blend is best applied underneath clothing when the sun is out.

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