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I'm really excited to share three subscriptions that have truly transformed my daily routine, making life more convenient, enjoyable, and efficient for my bustling family and me. From solving the eternal dinner dilemma to elevating my fitness regimen and keeping my car sparkling clean, these subscriptions have become indispensable parts of my life

1. My Food Bag: A Culinary Lifesaver

My Food Bag is absolute game-changer for busy families like mine. With three wild but wonderful sons and both Jeremy and I juggling full-time work, meal planning and preparation used to be an exhausting endeavour. Enter My Food Bag, our culinary saviour for nearly two years now.

My Food Bag does more than just provide meals – it solves New Zealand's most asked question: "What's for dinner?" This service offers a mid-week dinner routine that's anything but mundane. It's all about simple, healthy, and delicious recipes that are locally sourced and inspired by the renowned Nadia Lim.

Choosing your My Food Bag subscription is honestly such a breeze - You pick your bag, select extras, and choose your delivery frequency. The result? A personalised bag of culinary delights arriving at your doorstep, complete with recipes and fresh ingredients. 

Our go-to choice is the 'My Choice for 4 people for 3 nights' plan. This suits our family dynamic – Jeremy, my hearty eater; Eli, the small eater; Seb, who could rival me in consumption; and Xav, our normal eater. The servings are generous, often leaving enough for leftovers, which Jeremy and I happily take for lunch the next day. I particularly appreciate the flexibility - every Sunday evening an alert pings on my phone prompting me to select meals that'll suit my family's preferences. I'm in and out of the app in 5 minutes.

I adore the variety My Food Bag offers:

  • Quick meals and ready-made options for busy days
  • Meal selections for all, including family favourites, plant-based, and gourmet choices
  • Collaborations with food brands like Lucky Taco, adding exciting flavours
  • Tailored recipes for special occasions like Father's Day and Matariki
  • The option to add extra items each week, like quick weekend lunches and baking supplies

As a special treat for our Little Mash community, the My Food Bag team has provided an exclusive code – LittleMash50. Use this code for a fantastic 50% discount on any of their three brands – My Food Bag, Fresh Start, and Bargain Box. This offer is valid until midnight on Sunday, September 24th for first time customers or those who have'nt ordered in 13+ weeks.


50% off My Food Bag with LittleMash50

2. Freedom Pilates: Elevating Fitness from Home

Now, let's shift gears from the kitchen to the realm of fitness an area of my life that's eternally a work in progresses. A few years ago, I discovered my love for reformer pilates, especially for its impact on my core strength and overall well-being. But, attending classes often clashed with my schedule and distance became a factor when we recently moved house. That's when Freedom Pilates stepped in to revolutionise my fitness routine!

Freedom Pilates offers an ingenious solution for a monthly fee ranging from $130 to $169, depending on the reformer you choose. With this membership you get access to a reformer machine, a large library of classes, and a supportive community. In my opinion this beats paying per class and aligns perfectly with my busy lifestyle.

Their diverse library of on-demand classes caters to various needs:

  • "Move Well": Foundational exercises for mobility and awareness
  • "Extend and Explore": Progressions from foundational to advanced exercises
  • "Pace and Burn": Cardio-based HIIT session
  • "Form and Function": Combining pilates with functional movements
  • "Mat Classes": Perfect for when you're away from your machine

I recently completed a 4-week challenge and found my rhythm with early morning sessions, I'm feeling stronger, adored that I could work out whenever suited me best and even Jeremy started to take some classes. 

Freedom Pilates don't normally do this so I'm terribly grateful because this I know how much this will level up your sessions. They're gifting you a FREE accessory pack when you rent a reformer valued at $95. Thats a pilates ring, pilates ball, hip band and a pair of pilates grip socks for free - simply enter the code REN100 and they'll include it with your rental reformer. 


Free Freedom Pilates Accessory Pack with REN100

3. The Wash Club: Luxury Car Care Made Easy

Finally, let's talk about a subscription that's less about family and more about my taxi [aka. car]. If you're a time-conscious individual who values cleanliness, The Wash Club's subscription is a game-changer. Their automatic tunnel delivers a top-notch clean in under 5 minutes [I secretly wish it was longer so I could squeeze in a nap] the dual conveyor belt takes you through multiple targeted wash stations, leaving your car sparkling. You'll never use a gas station car wash ever again and once you've tried it once you'll be glad of all the time you gain back from hand washing your vehicle.

For $49/month, I enjoy unlimited use of the automatic tunnel, a luxury clean that takes a fraction of the time and uses significantly less water than home washing. This subscription has transformed my car care routine and allows me to focus on what truly matters.

As a special offer, the wonderful team at The Wash Club is extending a fantastic deal to our community. Use the code Littlemashwashclub when you join and enjoy your first month in their Unlimited Wash Club for just $1. Valid for new customers only, offer valid until Monday September 11th. Trust me; you won't want to miss out on this.


Littlemashwashclub for $1 car wash

These three subscriptions – My Food Bag, Freedom Pilates, and The Wash Club have revolutionised my family's meals, my fitness routine, and my car care. They've elevated my quality of life, allowing me to spend more time with loved ones and focus on what truly matters. Remember, a little convenience can go a long way in making life easier and more enjoyable.

Ren. X

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