3 tips for creating a book advent calendar


I love the idea of using books to countdown to Christmas - we're new to it here in our family and our collection is only tiny but I've fallen in love with the tradition. Here's some tips to get started;

  1. Start with books you already own, issue books from the library and keep an eye out for classic in thrift stores and Trade Me
  2. How you run the advent is up to you and what will work best for your family - you could wrap a book for each day of the month and place opened books in basket so they can be re-read after they're opened, you could choose a particularly special book to open on Christmas Eve, you could include treats with your books or service and family activities to do together, you could even have grandparents read books over FaceTime
  3. I know it's a book advent but you could sneak in a Friday night Christmas movie with treats too

A few more resources to get you going;

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