Our Tips for Winter Wellness

This week Eli was struck down with a weird virus that wiped him out for 5 days, then I got it but only a very speedy 24 hour version {thanking my lucky stars}. It made this week a bit of a doozy as we tried to juggle illness with business, work and life but somehow it worked out and no one else {touch wood} succumbed to it.

It got me thinking about how this time last year we weren't sick, we were all well as we cautiously hovered near our homes - I'd almost forgotten what sick was and about all the dreaded winter bugs. It's not officially winter for another 10 days but our woollen blankets have been on our beds for a month now and our heat pump set to a balmy 21 degrees, you?

Here are a series of tips on how you can maintain winter wellness;

    1. The World Health Organization recommends keeping your home heated to 18ºC {burrr that's a little cold for me} but if you have small children or people unwell in your home you may want to consider turning up the heat a little.
    2. I HATE to be cold, my brain stops working, my legs jiggle overtime & I can't stop thinking about my Citta Dressing Gown - it's the first thing I put on when I get home. I should probably be more embarrassed about admitting that than I am. So, keep warm by wearing extra layers of clothing, such as merino, woollen jumpers, hats and singlets and don't forget the outwear -  jackets, overalls and beanies. And, if you're anything like me slip a pair of sheepskin innersoles in your shoes.
    3. Stay warm in bed, dreamy! Warm your baby's bed with a hot water bottle, add a woollen blanket and keep your feet warm with merino socks. Don't forget the Woolbabe.
    4. On that note, try to get enough sleep - I know how hard that is sometimes, I frequently stay up just a bit longer for some well deserved mum-minutes. We know that getting quality sleep is essential to our physical and mental health so aim for 7-9 hours. Wind down. Turn off your phone.
    5. Enjoy warm food, especially Nadia Lim's Creamy Chicken, Bacon and Lentil Soup with Ciabatta - that's my favourite soup recipe ever, thank me later!
    6. Added to that is stocking up on lots of fruit and vegetables, they'll give you added defence, bolstering your immune system. Grate them, blitz them, do what you've gotta do to get them in to your little ones.
    7. Keep up the hand washing, it's habit now but don't get casual with it because winter illnesses are easily spread by our hands. Use hand sanitiser or wash them for at least 20 seconds using good old soap and water. 

    8. Getting outside and moving for 30 minutes a day not only cures a funk but gives you fresh air but also A 30-minute walk outside gives you some fresh air but it aids in keeping your body strong - the evidence of regular physical activity irrefutable

    9. Air out your house twice a day. I normally to this when I open the curtains in the morning & again once I'm home from work. The drier the air the easier it will be to warm your home.

    10. Winter is the perfect to start a new hobby as we retreat indoors earlier from the cold and dark skies. Perhaps a hand-craft, blog, an online masterclass or cooking.

I'm wishing you good health, warmth and good times as we inch nearer to the cooler months,

Ren. X

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