A DAY IN THE LIFE OF @homebrew.coffee

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF @homebrew.coffee

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One thing I've learned about myself throughout marriage, motherhood and business ownership, is that I simply can't pour out to others from an empty cup and something that really benefits me is having 30 - 60 min before the boys wake up to myself. This pregnancy I have committed to really listening to my body and to do so without judgement. So this time to myself always looks a bit different but I choose to either do a work out, listen to a podcast that fuels my mind (The Rachel Hollis podcast is my favourite) or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in the quiet.


By 6:30 am both my husband and son have woken up and the dash to get us all out the door has begun. With one child we can still do the hand off and swap back and fourth so while one of us gets breakfast ready the other is usually getting Mason and ourselves dressed and ready for the day. With us both being working parents, we don't have a lot of time in the morning and so we choose simple and healthy breakfasts for both Mason and ourselves. For mason it's always a healthy grain, fruit and protein and I almost always make a smoothie that I can drink on the go. 


By 7:00 am is when our family splits. We own a small coffee shop called Homebrew Coffee with two locations. One of us will head to our Cambridge location while the other will do kindy drop and then head into our Hamilton location. My husband and I share roles in both our business and home life really equally so we take turns working at both locations and getting the privilege of a bit of bonus time with our wee guy. 


By 8:00 am I have made it into work. As a business owner it is still really important to me that I work in the business as much as I can while balancing being a mum, so four days a week I commit to working a morning shift in our shop. It helps me stay connected to our team, our customers, our community and the business itself. I'm also so fortunate to love what I do, so all the while it builds me up and gives me and outlet to be "me".

12pm - 3pm

By midday my shift behind the espresso machine has finished and I head into business admin while I have a quick lunch. Usually I just have an easy salad or left overs from the night before, depending on the pregnancy craving. Every afternoon it looks a bit different, owning a business life rarely looks the same and you just have to be flexible, getting done whatever needs doing. 

When my work is done for the day I more often then not have bit of life and family admin as well, whether that's a midwife appointment or grocery shopping I use this time to do so, so that when I pick up my son, I can focus all my attention on him. We live in Cambridge and one of my most favourite things about it is, it is super easy to shop and support local. One of favourite shops to get groceries at is Fill Good, it's right next to our shop, they love to support NZ business and sustainability, and it's also connected to the studio I take my pre natal bar classes at. All that connivence wrapped in one, is the greatest gift to a busy working mama.  


By 3:00 pm I pick up mason and spend a few hours with him before dinner. Our boy has endless amounts of energy so even after a full day at kindy, we still always need to do something active before dinner. Our favourite activity at the moment is riding bikes and walking around the lake by our house. Cambridge is beautiful and the weather has been so good to us this Spring, it's the perfect way to wind down before dinner and bedtime. 

5pm - 7pm

You have probably gathered by now, we are all about healthy but quick and easy. We almost always have the same dinner (especially in the summer time) of a protein done on the BBQ, a quick easy salad and a healthy carb. It keeps our evenings simple and focused on what matters to us, keeping our family time at the centre. 

After dinner Mason has a shower while we clean up the kitchen and then a story before bed at 7:00 pm. Even though Mason is 3, I still snuggle him to sleep. For some it's crazy, but it just does something so good for the both of us. Our lives are hectic and I cherish those 30 min of being close to him. I use those moments to pray over him, listen to his little breath and be so thankful that he still asks me to do it, because I know one of those nights will be my last and soon he will want to put himself to bed, and like all stages so far in motherhood, it will come far too soon.   

7.30pm - 9.30pm

After mason is asleep I pack his kindy bag for the next day, lay out my work out clothes and prep anything else that I need for the morning. Then my husband and I put away our lap tops and phones and just enjoy being husband a wife together. We make a hot drink, watch our favourite show before bed, or if we are feeling really wild play a card game before we head off to bed by 10 pm to start beautiful chaos all again. 

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