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The first thing I do is wake up with my 3 older girls (Aroha - 4 years, Joy - 3 years and Jazz - 2 years) and give them breakfast. They love raspberry and coconut oats with banana or peanut butter on toast.


For breakfast I have a Green smoothie. I’ve had the same smoothie everyday since baby number 1. It has spinach, kale, banana, coconut water, chocolate pea protein, chia seeds and maca powder. I blend it all up (or hubby does) and I’m ready to face my day. 


By 7am it’s time for baby Maia to wake up (she is 5 weeks old), I breastfeed, change and get her ready for the day while the other girls get changed with dad (he is such a hands on dad).


Aroha and Joy go to kindy while Jazz stays home with me and baby. Their kindy is across the road, so I walk them over while dad stays and minds Maia (who I’ve usually just put down for a nap).


After I drop the girls off, I get changed into my workout gear and do a 30 minute treadmill walk followed by postpartum exercises. These are focussed on healing my diastasis (core separation) and pelvic floor. If I can fit this in daily I feel like I’m filling up my cup and I can pour out more energy into my family. Jazz normally hangs around and mimics me or has a snack and watches.


It’s time to get ready for my day, taking care of my skin is important to me. I have a daily routine that includes cleansing, vit A and C serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. If I’m heading out I’ll use a cc cream for an added glow.


Mid morning I spend time with Jazz while we wait for baby Maia to wake up, normally it’s outdoor play or watercolour painting. 


Once baby Maia is up and breastfed we always have errands - food shopping, appointments or even just meeting up with my hubby at his mahi. He works locally which is a bonus for us. By midday we head home to put both girls down for a nap. I spend this ‘free’ time studying - I’m currently preparing to study nursing next year at Wintec. I’ll have my coffee of course and then have lunch with hubby. He will always have paperwork that needs doing so we do this together.


At 3pm I pick up my older girls and they spend time outside playing on bikes or in the garden (baby Maia continues to nap in bed or in my wrap).

4pm - 6.30pm

The girls have dinner after playtime and then are bathing by 4.30pm, followed by story-time - which we love! We are sure to include a range of books but love to focus on those that incorporate te reo maori and stories that reflect te ao maori. After this it's karakia and bedtime by 6.30pm.

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