A DAY IN THE LIFE OF @shoshannah.nz

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF @shoshannah.nz

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We wake up and start the day with some cuddles to fill the bubs tank and a green smoothie. Living in a bus has some challenges like limited water so that means quick showers or a face cloth to freshen up. 


We make plans for the day - where shall we go next. Packing down the bus to get ready to drive, turn gas off, shut all windows and make sure nothing can fall while we drive. Bubs has time playing with his toys at the camping spot than I buckle him into the carseat and off we go! 


I stop to fuel up the bus, empty the greywater tank at the dump station. Grab a pie at the fuel station which is always my treat for lunch, bubs gets an iceblock if we've just done a big hot hike.  


We arrive at Lake Ohau, a beautiful camping spot and park the bus up, settling in for a few days by the lake. I take a swim and we play with rocks on the beach.


I work online so get mahi done on my computer while bubs plays just outside with his trucks. We go for an afternoon walk along the beach enjoying the fresh air before coming back to the bus so I can get more work done - always lots of blog posts to write, influencer deals, emails and editing, processing of photos for clients. 


I whip up some dinner, sausages and stir fried vegetables on rice. I like to live with balance but try to balance in lots more veggies than crap food into our diets. Bubs loves raw broccoli and carrots so I give those to him while he's waiting for dinner.


I wipe bub's hands, feet and face clean, and change him into pjs. We read stories together and have some cuddles then I breastfeed him to sleep. 


I clean up around the bus, get some computer work done, catch up with friends online and enjoy a cup of tea. Solo parenting is often challenging and hard especially when it comes to the end of the day - I am exhausted and do miss not having adult company to unwind with. I often just go to bed with bubs, play on my phone for a while then go to sleep. We don't always park up by ourselves. Often we park the bus up on friends driveways or next to fellow bus friends, bubs plays with other bus kids and I enjoy adult chat. 

I love our lifestyle at the moment, it's mostly chilled but we definitely have some stressful moments! Parenting in a bus has been no harder than parenting living in a house, smaller space makes it easier to keep clean and maintain and I feel less lonely.

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