Are you ready for 2019?

I can't believe that it is here really. How has another year zoomed by?! 2017 was a rough one for our family, 2018 was a goodie so we're ready for what 2019 has in store for us. I listen to podcasts & Oprah opens her Super Soul Conversations by saying that she believes one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is time. So last night as I painted our deck I decided that that was what I was going focus on this year. TIME. I have created a list of where I want my time to reside & I am committed to putting it into things that enrich my life, that bring me joy & that make a difference to people & space around me. Our clocks all tick at the same pace, we all have 24 hours in our day & time cannot be recycled so I'm ready to put mine to good use!
I look at this photograph Tash & Arie of Black Robin Photography took of our family & I think geez I'm lucky - they're all mine. My next though is shoot genetics is whack - those little boys don't even look related. Crazy huh?! Little Mash is all of us - it takes all 5 of us to hum along. Me, Jeremy, Eli, Sebastian & Xavier. This isn't a one person gig. Even though you see & hear from me the most I can't do it without them & certainly not without you. We're excited for this year, to show you new things, we're dreaming big & we're committed to bringing you good looking products that will better your life. 
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