Baby Awake Times | A Quick Guide

A few weeks ago I published a blog in which I briefly mentioned 'baby awake times' - and it reminded me of an early midwife appointment where I was upset that my baby wouldn't go straight back to sleep after a feed anymore. She let me know that my daughter was in fact ready to extend her said 'awake time'. I was in shock, I didn't realise it would happen so quickly (I so desperately needed sleep too!). My midwife then explained what the 'awake times', also known as 'wake windows', might look like so I could better prepare and manage my expectations moving forward. If you are expecting, you might find this information interesting + helpful too.

A newborn's daytime wake/sleep cycle is 45 to 60 minutes of awake time - this includes all the time spent feeding and burping, which can take pretty much the whole hour! At around 6 weeks your baby will extend their awake time to roughly 1 and 45 minutes - leaving you with a little more time to interact, bond and play.

Screenshot or download the image below to use as a quick reference when needed.


I hope you find this helpful!

Tania of LMB. x

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