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I didn't know about the Shnuggle Bath when I had my babies but I kinda wish I did because mastering "the grip" can be nerve wracking to begin with. The Shnuggle Bath is designed to make bathtime stress-free, its compact size means the water stays warm for longer and takes no time at all to fill, with a minimum of two litres of water needed. The uniquely designed bum bump helps you to support baby and prevent them from sliding and the foam back rest is soft and warm against baby’s back and the rubber feet provide additional grip. What's more is the handy drainage outlet and plug making it easy to empty and refresh the water.

Bath time with baby is a lovely time for you and baby to bond and relax but its also so important to remember these five safe bath time habits to ensure your baby and young children stay safe around water.

PREPARATION IS KEY - Ensure you have everything you need to hand for bath time before you even start filling the bath with water e.g. towel, clean nappy, baby wash, washcloths, vest, clothes/pyjamas etc. This ensures you do not have to leave the room whilst the water is running or once bath time has started.

USE MINIMAL WATER - When preparing the bath, only fill the bath with the minimum water needed. Babies and young children can drown in as little as 2 cm of water! On the Shnuggle Bath there is a handy water line indicator as a suggested maximum fill line, but this is dependant on the size of your baby.

START WITH COLD WATER - When filling the bath water, run with cold water first and add hot water to get to the ideal temperature. This reduces risks of scalding. Also be sure to check the water temperature. For peace of mind a thermometer can take the worry out of this.

NO DISTRACTIONS - Always give bath time your full attention and ensure your child is always within arm’s reach. Never leave the room even for a second.

EMPTY STRAIGHT AWAY - Always empty the bath water straight away. Never leave a bath or baby bath filled with water. Its so easy to forget to empty the bath with all the distractions that there can be but it is important to do this straight away to avoid little ones being tempted back to the bath

This blog post has been adapted from the official Shnuggle website - you can read the original article HERE

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