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Saben Care Products

I did the math the other day & I've been using my Tilly Crossbody every single day for almost 3 years and it still looks fab...but, I know it will look even better if I gave it a little TLC. Brand new to the Saben collection is their luxury leather care products; to help clean, condition & protect your Saben.

PREVENTION IS THE KEY - Immune your bag!

Using a protective spray should be the very first thing you do when you receive your bag: All bags, whether they are suede or leather, need to be protected with a water proofer before use {stay away from the oil based versions}. Reapply protector every 3-4 weeks to keep the leather soft & resilient.

WEAR WITH CARE - NEVER overfill your handbag or evening bag, as this can put stress on seams, fastenings and straps and spoil the shape

  • Please try hard to keep the load reasonable
  • Light coloured leathers should be treated with extreme care as denim & dye can {and probably will} rub off on to the leather with no easy way of removing. Ensure your denim is colour fast
  • Avoid handling your bag after applying foundation, perfume, body or hand creams, this will stain the leather
  • Do not place your Saben bag on the floor, use a handbag hook. Any tough surfaces will possibly scratch the leather
  • Wearing a bag often will inevitably result in rub marks, where the leather brushes against clothing etc. Saben recommends you swap your bags often to avoid constant rubbing and wear on one bag
  • For stronger leathers cleanse & moisturise your bag with a product like Saben's Nourishing & Cleaning Gel a mild yet effective cleaning gel. It cleans and nourishes all kinds of leather such as smooth, oiled, reptile, patent and metallic. Use the polishing cloth to apply the nourishing gel by buffing it gently into the leather. Always apply cleaning and protective product to a soft cloth, not directly on the bag
  • Leather does not like water. Wipe off a wet leather handbag immediately and let air dry. Never use a blow dryer to dry a bag
  • If your bag has a chain handle, dirt may accumulate in the chain links causing it to come off on your shoulder. You can avoid this by cleaning the chain with a small tooth brush or the corner of a soft cloth. Always store the chain inside the bag to avoid any scratching or indentations on the leather
  • Brass or silverware cleaner will keep your fittings looking shiny. Take care not to get any on the bag! Keep fasteners and zips running smoothly by running pencil lead over the open teeth.

STORAGE - Do not hang bags in storage; they are best kept in the packing bag supplied with, lying flat or standing upright and stuffed

To help your bag keep its shape, it is best to stuff your bag with cloth or bubble wrap to keep it safe in storage. When not in use, store your bag out of direct sunlight and do not place light colours next to dark colours as this can cause colour migration, which is irreversible. Take your bags out regularly and let them ‘breathe’ to prevent any dust and mildew forming


Saben luxury leather products

This blog post has been adapted from Saben's website, you can read their care guide in full HERE & you can shop the new luxury available with us HERE at LMB



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