Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

In our family we do the want, need, wear & read thing for Christmas - it really helps keep my budget & the kids expectations in check. Do you do it too?

I like to start an advent calendar & put up our tree on December 1st - that's only 15 days away (queue a touch  of anxiety because I'm at preparation level zero!). To get the Christmas creativity juices flowing while I prepare the calendar & decorate the tree (yes, I'm OCD & take care of the tree RE-decorating allllll by myself 😉) I like to light a Christmas scented & play some Christmas tunes or watch a cheesy Christmas movie on Netflix. I bake my mum's Pineapple Cheesecake too - that always reminds me of Christmas, if you'd like that recipe flick me an email & I will share it with you. Here are some idea's on what to include in your advent calendars to help spread the Christmas spirit;

  • Night drive to look at the Christmas Lights
  • Family Christmas movie night
  • Christmas baking - we like to keep it simple here with Christmas bark or Christmas popcorn
  • Step it up a notch & do a bake-a-thon dropping it to all your neighbours, teachers or people you know who could do with some extra love
  • Visit Santa at the Mall 
  • Attend your local Christmas in the Park
  • Volunteer your time somewhere, it's good to show children how to serve - perhaps at the Homeless Shelter, Animal Shelter or visit a Nursing Home
  • Go to the Library & get Christmas books or download a Christmas Audiobook - we like to listen to audiobooks in the car to & from school 
  • Write letters/Christmas Cards to loved ones far away, not much beats a handwritten note
  • Have some fun & do 20 push ups while singing Jingle Bells
  • Write a letter to Santa, you can do that HERE
  • Or give Him a call HERE

You don't want to overload your month with activities & make yourself busier than you already are. We also include scripture verses in ours & somedays it may just include that & a sweet treat. For more ideas you can head to my Pinterest account but be warned that is a glorious but black hole of trawling - Renata's Pinterest

Happy Christmas Advent planning! X

Pretty Brave Advent Calendar

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