A DAY IN THE LIFE OF @shan.mall

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF @shan.mall

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My favourite part of every day is when I walk into Beau and Luka’s room and their faces light up when they see me. There’s nothing better than knowing your kids are genuinely happy to see you!

We have a bit of a routine in the mornings at our house. Jordan leaves for work about 5:30am so doesn’t get many mornings with the kids. I get the boys up and change their nappies while they have a bottle. I then put on a Disney movie (Luka especially loves musicals!) while they play and I get myself sorted out for the day.


Breakfast is usually toast, eggs, oats, or Weetbix. Anything that they can steal off of each other’s plate works! These kids love to eat everything and anything and they definitely have their favourites but I also love trying out different food combos with them. Today is just peanut butter on toast, a little Weetbix and some plum!

The boys are in full time cloth nappies and have been since about July/August last year. While cloth nappies seem hard and overwhelming, they’re really not! Especially once you’re in the routine. The most important part is washing - I have a few guides about this on my Instagram page.


I’m lucky enough to be a brand rep for a couple of NZ nappy brands (Bear and Moo and Minimi) and while the boys nap (and in between cleaning up the mess they make as they breeze through the house like a mini tornado!) I like to try and take photos and videos for posts I make. These are the times I take flat lay photos and the like without having tiny hands getting in the way and grabbing everything!

Now is when I’m also chucking on the main wash for the nappies. Nappies are washed twice - once to get the poo & wee out, once to clean them.


My boys LOVE to eat. They would eat constantly if I let them! I struggle to find the time to make myself a proper meal for breakfast and lunch but for the boys I try to keep it interesting. Today they’re having fruit, vege chips & mini quiche I just threw together.


For their lunchtime nap, the boys usually sleep a good 1.5-2.5 hours so it’s when I really have the chance to tidy up, plan the weeks’ meals, do the weeks’ budget and every mum’s guilty pleasure - sit down and RELAX. I’m currently re-watching Parks and Recreation - one of my all time favourite shows!

I also had a goal this year to have a bullet journal - or BUJO. Why does nobody tell you how fun & relaxing it is making monthly spreads and mood trackers!? Since it’s coming into March (what!?) I sat down and started my March monthly spreads!


Is there anything better than aimlessly walking around?! Maybe stopping at the dairy for an ice block... we definitely don’t get out and walk as much as we should, but when we do I remember why it’s so good to just get out in the fresh air.


Yet more food served to these little piggies! Mini calzones for them today. Super quick and easy to make and they LOVED them. I myself am not very adventurous with food (super fussy!) so I love that the boys love trying all these new things that I’m never game enough to!

BATH, BOTLE, BOOK, BED (and daddy’s home!)

Jordan gets home around 6-6:30pm on a busy week and the boys are always SO excited to see him! While they are definitely mamas boys; they also have their dad wrapped around their little fingers. Lord help us if we ever have a daughter!

The boys are the EASIEST kids to get down to sleep, I try to keep their nights interesting either with a bit of reading, some cuddles, or some extra playtime before they’re down for the night.

7pm onwards
DINNER & TIDY (again!)

Hubs and mine’s time for dinner, TV (while stuffing nappies!) and relaxing (after tidying! Always after tidying) before we start all over again tomorrow!

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