Stop Motion Kids Camp

In level 4 lockdown Jeremy & I mucked around making stop motion videos - we didn't share any with you because they were really terrible - they were made on our kitchen table, balancing my phone on a stool held in position with heavy books & awful lighting but what we realised was...they were FUN to make!!

I was thinking about how I'd love to make a stop motion video that I'd actually want to share with you & it reminded me that I stumbled on this Stop Motion Kids Camp that Trisha is generously offering for FREE [when you complete the very simple steps outlined below]. Trisha has loved doing stop motion since she was a kid & animation is like magic to her. She has spent countless hours making movies and lucky for us she is sharing her love of stop motion with others! 

Trish acknowledges that making stop motion is tedious, and time consuming, and because of all that effort, it’s so rewarding! She hopes that by offering this resource, it can distill some of the worry that many of us are feeling during this crazy time & is sending massive virtual (virus free) hugs! The camp is for kids of all ages. Yes, That means grown ups too! So here’s how to get your FREE access:

  1. Share this post in your IG stories! [or any post Trish's feed], feeling free to let others know that this resource is available
  2. Be sure to tag @trishazemp so she can DM you the code to get in at no cost!
  3. If your account is private, DM Trish a screenshot of your IG story
  4. Once you've completed these steps Trish will send you a discount code to her Stop Motion Kids Camp

It would be rude of me not to include this cactus cupcake video [we love cacti here at LMB] that teaches us how to make cactus cupcake with the original cactus cupcake queen, Alana Jones Mann, brought to life by stop motion artist, Trisha Zemp

Thank you to Trisha Zemp for sharing your talent & such a wonderful resource with the world, 



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