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Remember the good ol’ days when you could do a bit of gardening or keep your room tidy, and if you were lucky, earn a little pocket money from your parents at the end of the week? But now you’re an adult and you have to do all those jobs {plus like a million more} just because. No deal.

Here at Little Mash Boutique we believe you should be rewarded for all the hard work you put into finding the BEST gifts, parenting, being an awesome friend, growing a baby or simply giving love to all the littles in your life. We are so incredibly grateful you choose to shop with us time and time again, and to show our appreciation, we want to give back to YOU! Because you deserve it.

It's real simple - every time you spend with us we'll fill your LMB piggy bank {ka-ching}! It's deliberately generous in it's design because we want to thank you for choosing to shop with us, it's a reflection of our gratitude for your custom. If you're not a part of our LMB family we'd love for you to join us so we can start making deposits into your LMB piggy bank, click HERE to join ♡

Fill your piggy bank
Spend your pennies

Here's the boring bits - Little Mash pennies expire on a 1 year rolling basis and vouchers / rewards expire after 6 months. You will be emailed 30 days before your pennies are due to expire, and then again with a 3 days notice. Vouchers are redeemable both in-store and online but cannot be used in conjunction with a sale or any other discount voucher or code. Minimum spends do apply.

Thank you so much for supporting us, we love you!

Ren + the LMB team. X


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