Keeping infants + toddlers sun safe

Daylight savings is here! Keep your littles sun safe with these helpful tips:

  1. Babies' skin is very fragile so try to keep them out of direct sunlight. This is especially important between 10am and 4pm from September to April
  2. Sunscreen should only be used on small areas of a baby's skin and should not be the only form of protection from the sun. Be sure to dress your babe in long sleeves and knee length bottoms + invest in a UPF50+ rashguard.
  3. If you use sunscreen on a baby make sure it is labelled for sensitive skin or suitable for children
  4. Do a 'patch test' before applying a new sunscreen. Apply a small amount of sunscreen on the inside of the forearm for a few days to check if the skin reacts, before applying it to the rest of the body. If any unusual reaction occurs, such as skin redness, swelling, itching or blistering, stop using the product and see your doctor. Some people can also develop an allergic reaction to sunscreen after repeated use
  5. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside
  6. Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours - or more often if you have been swimming or sweating
  7. Store sunscreen in a cool, dry place, and check the expiry date before you use it
  8. If you’re using a pram, cover it with the pram’s canopy or shade cloth, but ensure that air can get through to your child. Never cover a pram with a wrap or blanket because these can restrict airflow and increase the pram’s temperature to dangerous levels
  9. Tightly woven fabric helps protect skin from the sun. Hold the fabric up to the light to see how much sun gets through. If the fabric lets a lot of light through, it’ll probably let a lot of UV through too
  10. It might not be easy to get your child to wear hats or sunglasses and keep them on, but it’s worth getting them into the habit of protecting their eyes from the sun

The Consumer sunscreen test results of 2022 were published in June. Only Eight of the 21 tested sunscreens met their SPF label claim and the requirements for broad-spectrum protection:

  • Cetaphil Sun Kids Liposomal Lotion SPF50+
  • Eau Thermale Avene Face & Body Lotion SPF50+
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Lotion Sunscreen SPF50+
  • UV Guard Max Sunscreen SPF50+
  • Cancer Society Kids Pure Sun Lotion SPF50
  • Reef Coconut Sunscreen Dry-Touch Lotion SPF50
  • Skinnies Sungel SPF30
  • Smart365 Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+

You've been asking us to bring a sunscreen to Little Mash Boutique for years and are delighted to finally be stocking the Skinnies Sungel - hooray! We know you'll love it. Available in 3 different packaging designs (same SPF50 gel inside), Skinnies is a game changer for sunscreen. It's a balmy cocoa-butter texture and honey coloured gel that's amazing on the skin. Suitable from 3 months old, won't sting the eyes and has a yummy coconut scent. NO nasties and reef safe too.

Tania of LMB

*the information in this post was sourced from SunSmart + Consumer

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