Easter Coupons for Kids {free printable}

Easter Coupons for Kids {free printable}

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Easter Coupons for Kids - Free Printable

Every year I buy Easter eggs waaay earlier than my willpower can handle and I'm well and truely chocolate-ed out weeks before the big day. So this year I've decided to reign it in a bit and hide coupons in lieu of treats (ok maybe I'll still leave a few goodies).

Growing up my parents would often hide vouchers and coupons in our Christmas stockings and I absolutely loved it - only as an adult I learned that money was a little tight and they were just trying to flesh out our gifts. I can still remember whipping out my 'stay up late' + 'extra computer time' tickets at the most inconvenient times. It's all part of the fun.

Pop them in little plastic, fillable eggs and get hunting. The great thing about these Easter coupons is they can be used as activities and boredom busters during the school holidays too. Bonus!

For your very own copy of the pre-filled Easter Coupons, simply download the image HERE, adjust to your desired size and print. I used 160gsm paper for added durability.

Happy hunting! Tania of LMB. X

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  • Such a gorgeous idea

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