Choosing the Perfect Lunchbox


Finding a lunchbox that ticks ALL the boxes is tricky, I know! When I was kid I don't remember it being very fancy except for maybe our birthdays and when we got to order our lunch which meant calling the dairy and putting it on mums TAB {so much trust in the 90's}! What I've come to learn is that lunchboxes are a hot topic and what's perfect for me mightn't be perfect for you - the perfect lunchbox depends on your situation, there isn't one that rules them all and the good news is you have options. Here are 6 points to consider when searching for your perfect lunchbox;

  1. Size - bigger isn't always better
  2. Hinges + latches - because no one wants to loose a lid
  3. Cleaning - can you clean it easily?
  4. Dividers + Containers - how necessary are they?
  5. Insulated Lunch Bags - we survived without them but no one likes warm food {when it's not supposed to be warm}!
  6. Drink Bottles - 'almost' as complicated as the lunchbox

SIZE - There are some big lunch boxes out there but that doesn't always mean that it's better. Pre-school children are better suited to a compact lunchbox and an added bonus of this is that it's normally small enough for you to pop in your handbag while out and about. Cue the B.Box Mini Lunchbox & the Penny Scallan Mini Bento Box these are for the pre-schoolers in your life. If you're wanting something that fits a bit more especially an uncut sandwich or a whole piece of fruit then the B.Box Lunchbox is your answer, some lunchboxes can be quite shallow & do not allow for whole fruit or pottles of yoghurt so consider this while on your search

CLEANING - Not all lunchboxes are made equally when it comes to cleaning them but this isn't something that bothers me very much because I like everything to be clean, I find it therapeutic even. For some, being dishwasher safe will be the deal breaker but we have a system - hand wash at night, drip dry overnight! If you do use a dishwasher look for lunchboxes that are dishwasher safe and one that won't take up the entire top shelve

DIVIDERS + CONTAINERS - This is another debate! Do you prefer one large space or compartments? I'm team compartments especially if some of those compartments are leakproof - this means I can decant yoghurt & top it with frozen fruit for example or include freshly chopped fruit salad. We don't love plastic cling film wrap {check out our DIY Beeswax Food Wraps with LilyBee Wrap} and for that reason I love a lunchbox that has compartments. If you have a child that likes dips or sauces then containers may be necessary but I have these words of caution about containers - in my experience one part ALWAYS gets lost!

HINGES + LATCHES - You'll want a lunchbox with an attached lid or that will get lost too. You'll want one with sturdy hinges and it's simply a matter of you get what you pay for. Pay attention to how the latches work, you'll want your child to be able to open and close their lunchbox independently.

INSULATED LUNCH BAGS - This comes down to food safety and taste, no one likes warm yoghurt. Some lunchboxes include a cooler pad so an insulated lunch bag is the cherry on top. There are probably some people who put food straight in the insulated lunch bag but I'd be inclined to put the lunchbox inside the lunch bag so, make sure it fits.

DRINK BOTTLES - This is almost as complicated as choosing the lunchbox. Mould can grow in the mouth pieces so it's a MUST for me to be able to see inside the mouth piece and make sure it's clean {but that's just me}. I also prefer an insulated drink bottle to keep drinks cooler for longer and I like to sip through a straw rather than from a rimmed bottle - less spillage and leakage this way too. Again, your child must be able to open them easily and it's helpful if it fits in their backpack.

Up next, how to find the perfect backpack...{maybe}! Ren. X

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