Five ways to start your day off right

Lots of us will head back to work this week, schools & early child facilities re-open & we get a bit of life back again. It's great but a little daunting too - I've become accustomed to the slow & lazy days but I believe big in starting the day out right so here's how to start a healthy morning routine;

1. Get up an hour earlier - I first learned this from a lady at Church & I'm no morning person but it sure sets the tone for the day & gives me uninterrupted time to get things done. Everyday I try to meditate & study, sometimes I work, other days exercise or sometimes I just take a really long hot shower. On the days I miss it & wake at the same time (or after) the boys I'm on the back-foot. Give it a try!

2. Hydration - We know that we're supposed to drink roughly 2 litres of water daily, I achieve this best by carrying a drink bottle & drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning. We're naturally a little dehydrated after hours of sleep so a glass of water first thing in the morning is a great wake up call!

3. Stay off technology - This one sounds easier than it is because technology is a lot like sugar, ADDICTIVE! It's also bombarding, can cause overstimulation & it's time-consuming. I used to just roll over and mindlessly scroll & be sucked into a vortex of social media & those bad habits have overtaken a little during lockdown but I'm getting back on track! We have a device free bedroom overnight, our iPhones sit on a charging system in our kitchen & I try really hard not to go on mine after 9.30pm. I used to use mine as an alarm clock but using a good old fashioned alarm clock is much better. Another tip is to turn your phone on airplane mode until it is time for work 

4. Breakfast - You know the saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" but it's also sometimes my only meal of the day until dinner so I don't miss it. You want to start your day fuelled just like you keep your car full of petrol keep yourself fuelled & prepared breakfast foods. I'll eat a hot breakfast if Jeremy is cooking otherwise I'm a muesli & yoghurt gal!

5. Move your body - I underestimated how important this was until I started to do it. I'm still not fit but I am a little crippled - I have a bad neck, back & hip so about a year ago I started walking & doing yoga. The habit still hasn't cemented but I can feel it when I don't do it. My preference is to workout in the morning because the likelihood of it happening as the day progresses becomes less & less. The benefits of regular exercise are endless & extend well beyond the physical, it helps to manage stress & when I get home I can relax (...I mean once the boys are in bed). The day I go to yoga at 6am is always a better day than the day I didn't.

So if you're about to get back into work like me on Monday try implementing these into your routine & report back - I'd love to hear if they help you or what else you do to start your day off right!

Ren. X

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash


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