Getting Started with Cloth Nappies

Getting started with cloth nappies with Bear & Moo

I can't claim this piece as my own, we can thank Hannah of Bear & Moo for taking us back to cloth nappy basics & reminding us that this doesn't have to be hard, she removes the fear & promises that its not as difficult as it sounds. Keep reading for her 10 simple steps;

  1. First things first, it's probably best you watch this terminology video so you know what's what!
  2. Next you'll want to pop your nappies in the washing machine.  Doing this before your first use means you're getting rid of any residue from the manufacturer and helping with the absorbency.  So just throw it in the next wash load you do to prep it
  3. If you have a stash of nappies, the first thing Hannah recommends is when they come in from being washed putting the inserts in the pockets so you're ready to go.  That way when you have a wriggling baby you're not trying to stuff an insert as well as dress your little one!
  4. See those domes on the front?  You can adjust those to fit, you can close them up tighter both length and width wise to give the fit you need. Here's a video to help with sizing and absorbency.
  5. After a few hours you'll notice the nappy is wet. Firstly, change their nappy (obviously!) but then you just take that nappy and put it in an empty, dry bucket and leave it until you do a nappy load in the washing machine. If its poo, start by flushing it down the toilet, give the nappy a quick rinse to remove any extra poo and pop it in the dry bucket
  6. Wondering if you need to be adding anything to the nappy? Bleach? Cleaners? Nope!  Nothing.  Seriously.  A dry bucket is the best place for your nappies while waiting to be washed.
  7. Hannah recommend washing the nappies every 2 - 3 days.  Much longer than that and they may start to smell a little.  And how?  Easy.  Throw them in the machine, add your normal laundry liquid or powder and run them on a warm cycle.  Don't add any fabric softeners or extras, and don't add more liquid or powder than needed.
  8. Drying them on the line is ideal. Sunlight is perfect for getting out any last stains. You can throw them in the dryer if needed just don't make it too hot for the outers.
  9. Wondering how many nappies you should buy? That's up to you.  If you want to do nappies full time, you might need around 20 nappies.  It depends on how often you want to wash them, how many kids you've got, and how often you find you're changing your little one.
  10. Of course it is! "I still don't do cloth nappies overnight ... it doesn't work for me.  And sometimes during the day, or if one of the kids is sick, I'll put them in a disposable.  I'm not perfect, and no one is expected to be.  But every time I use a disposable, I remember it's costing me about 45c ... so I have to really want to use it" - Hannah of Bear & Moo

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Photo credit - Ash Davis of @lifeoflittlelads


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