How to Make a Valentine's Day Dessert Board

Now, you're either for Valentines Day or you're not. I'm for it - I like to do something special for the boys, an added measure of love in the form of cake and treats usually but now that we have some Valentines Day candy available I might try one of these dessert boards, all in the name of LOVE ♡

Let this list serve as inspiration for what you'll need to make a Valentine's Day dessert board;

  • A mix of healthy and sweet {balance} -  a mixture of textures, shapes and colours too - soft, crunchy, round, small
  • Fresh seasonal fruit - what a beautiful time of year with plenty of melon and stone fruit on offer. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries work well for Valentine's Day so don't forget some of those
  • Chocolate covered pretzels - let me digress for just a second and tell you about the best ones I ever had in Sydney from a darling boutique chocolate store {oh my word, make sure you stop at Scrumptious Chocolate & Candy whenever you can travel to Sydney next}. But, we can't travel so pick some up from Alison's Pantry when you're in Park n Save or New World next or create your own chocolate covered pretzels
  • Popcorn - Pop your own {not me though, I always burn it} or pick up a bag of Serious Popcorn from the supermarket
  • Cookies - my one claim to fame are my chocolate chip cookies, I'm not much of a cook but I do bake great cookies, the recipe can be found HERE. Alternatively pick your favourites from the supermarket.
  • Candy - it wouldn't be a dessert charcuterie board without candy & we're so excited to have a wee candy bar here at LMB, you can expect holiday candy throughout the year, click HERE for Valentine's Day gummy hearts, lips & suckers! I have an incredible sweet tooth, I'm currently nursing a toothache from too much sugar & I'm concerned for our wee candy bar & the high probability that I will consume more than I sell
  • Fresh flowers - this is what finishes the board go for a stroll & see what you can forage, something pink, read or white will fit perfectly for this Valentine's Day board

Enjoy, Ren. X


Photo Credit: Caseyleigh Blog


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