How to wear your wrap carrier

How to wear your wrap carrier

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Wrap carriers are lightweight and soft, soothing and secure, promote bonding, allow your hands to be free and can be used from birth - they’re one of my must-have items. I survived 2017 by wearing Xav in a wrap carrier and by growing two extra eyes in my head and lightening quick reflexes to keep tabs on toddler Seb. The ability to have your hands free is supreme, most of the time I could tuck Xav in the wrap and carryon whatever I was doing next - laundry, chasing a toddler, pushing a pram, preparing dinner, reading a book, a supermarket trip or the sideline of the rugby field. With a bit of practice you’ll be able to wrap your baby in a minute and get to enjoy hours of beautiful moments.


Once you have your Chekoh wrap on right watch the video below to see how simple it is to carry your baby safe and secure. A few tips to remember:

  1. Start with the centre label high under your bust
  2. Take each each shoulder pass behind your back and over your shoulder one by one to make a X
  3. Pull the shoulder passes down TIGHT, your baby needs to stretch into the fabric and be held firm and high
  4. Wrap the ends of the fabric around your body and tie in double knot at the either the back, front or side


Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to place your baby in your stretchy Chekoh Wrap Carrier. If you need some one-on-one assistance, you can also have a free video call with one of Chekoh's consults by booking HERE

  1. Start with the pocket closest to your chest first
  2. Keep one hand on baby at all times and stretch out the fabric with your thumb
  3. Ensure the fabric from each pocket reaches from the back of one knee all the way to the other
  4. Position baby in a deep seated squat with their knees bent up high near their belly button, bottom should be dropped lower
  5. Pull up the middle pass and reach the fabric from under their bottom to behind the back of their neck


Transferring your baby out of the Chekoh Wrap Carrier is quick and gentle movement, take a look at the video below and remember these three tips

  1. Always keep one hand on your baby to keep them supported
  2. Gently slide them up from under the arms and onto your shoulder
  3. Chekoh's exclusive stretch fabric won't harm or hinder your little one


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