I can help! Age appropriate chores for kids

I can help! Age appropriate chores for kids

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I often underestimate how much kids can do to help around the house. I made this realisation recently when I walked into the lounge and found a very proud little girl and a wee pile of neatly folded towels. After lots of high-fives and wohoo's I learned it was her regular job at Dads house. Opps, I've been slacking!

After some quick research I discovered there are all sorts of chores beyond picking up toys that kiddos can do. Regina Camacho Ferrari, psychologist with Melbourne Child Psychology, says younger children should be able to handle two or three jobs - a mix of daily and weekly chores, and you can increase the number of jobs as they get older too. Sounds good to me.

Below is a guide of age-appropriate chores for children of different age groups. It may take a lot of time, and repeat of these chores, but eventually it will click:

Ages 2 to 3

Pick up/put away toys and books
Put dirty clothes in laundry basket
Wipe spills
Clear their own plate
Throw rubbish away

Ages 4 to 5

Help with feeding pets
Water indoor flowers/plants
Wipe tables and other surfaces
Help with setting and clearing the table
Fold hand towels and wash cloths
Help to make the bed
Bring in the mail

Ages 6 to 8

Hang out and sort laundry
Help with making and packing own lunch
Clean bathroom and kitchen sinks
Keep bedroom tidy
Pack up own schoolbag
Put away groceries

Ages 9 to 11

Load/unload dishwasher
Make own snacks/breakfast
Help with basic food preparation
Mop floors
Fold and put away laundry
Water the garden
Clean bathrooms and toilets
Clean microwave oven

Ages 12+

Clean bathrooms and toilets
Clean fridge and freezer
Wash windows
Clean mirrors
Cook simple meals
Operate washing machine and dryer
Change own bed sheets
Wash family car
Take pet for a walk
Bring in groceries
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