I send my son's an email on their birthdays!

I send my son's an email on their birthdays!

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Eli our eldest son turned nine last week. We still can't fathom how those years zoomed by us, we're gonna blink & he'll be leaving us forever to go live his life as an adult. I do worry about that day. Shoot I hope my daughter-in-laws love me & bring my boys & my grand babies home. One of my wise midwifery colleagues made her sons sign a contract when they were little, like 5, promising that they would always come home. Too late to do that?! I don't think so - drawing up contracts now!

For the first year of Eli's life I wrote to him monthly & then at each birthday. This is a tradition I have carried on with our other two son's Sebastian & Xavier. I measure them too & record it on this enormous ruler I made. When I write to them it's usually a tale of all their highlights & I try to concluded it with a pearl that I always want them to remember. I dunno if or how you do it but each of our boys have an email address & I send my words to them there. I don't know anything about the web, emails or the cloud but I hope that they'll be there forever, safe from being lost or damaged.

In my trinket box are some of my most treasured keepsakes, including the notes my mum wrote to me. They were always on small pastel coloured squares of paper - the kind that sat beside the telephone. You know the ones. She would always, always, always sign off with this - Remember to remember that I love you from heaven to the sea & much, much more. Sometimes she will still stay that to me & I feel the same now as I did when I was 10. 

How do you document things for your babies? Do you scrapbook? Have keepsake boxes? Tell me your ways!

Ren. X


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