It's a Spring thing!

It's not September 1st without the mention of spring cleaning - it's a wonderful time to not only spring clean your home but also the other parts of your daily life. Clearing and decluttering can be applied in more ways than one and help to push reset on our lives so we feel free and cleansed for the warmer months.

  • Unsubscribe from all that build up of junk mail that keeps popping into your inbox and disrupting your flow...except our mailing list of course [wink]!
  • Declutter your social media accounts and as you scroll start unfollowing those accounts that don't offer you help or happiness.
  • Reset your pantry and your menu. Put those packets of soup mix to the back and make room for the new seasonal produce and pantry items. Pull out new recipes and think about foods you could introduce into your diet that are healthy and refreshed for your Spring/Summer lifestyle. Why not clean your fridge and wipe down pantry shelves at the same time.
  • Cleanse all those places where clutter builds up over time. Go through your handbag, your cosmetic case and your car glovebox or compartments and pull out all the things that unintentionally found their way there. Reseting all these little areas helps to clear your mind too.
  • Get stuck into that wardrobe and put the winter coats away. Pull out items that don't fit you or aren't really your style anymore and donate or sell so that someone else can love them. Find shoes, bags or clothes that need repairing and don't put them back in until they are fixed. Out of sight doesn't necessarily mean out of mind and ticking off the things you've been putting off can help bring mental clarity.

Now's the perfect time to declutter and feel re-energised, it's a Spring thing!

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