Lila Jasmine's Lactation Bars - your FAQ's answered

Lila Jasmine's Lactation Bars - your FAQ's answered

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Some of you might know this story, some of you may not - so, this is for those of you who don't! After more than a decade of working in healthcare I yearned for a creative change, as you know Jeremy and I purchased Little Mash Boutique in late 2018 and then went on to found Lila Jasmine - a brand focused on nourishing families with 4th trimester education + milk support lactation bars.

We had our first son in 2010, I was working as a paediatric nurse + about to start my second year of midwifery training. I naively thought I was well prepared for motherhood but when Eli was placed on my chest the enormity struck me, I looked at Jeremy + said..."what on earth do we do now?". I've since found a passion in raising awareness on the importance of the 4th trimester + spend a lot of my time better preparing women for it.

After I'd given birth to our third son a friend dropped a care package at our front door - delicious raw muesli bars beautifully bundled in a box with a pretty ribbon. The gesture pierced my grateful heart + the convenience of the bars fuelled my busy body. I ate those bars in the car for breakfast when I did the school run, at 4pm when lunch had been forgotten + at 2am while up breastfeeding.

Inspiration struck in a hot pool as it often does for Jeremy + I, creatively sparked by the memory of the muesli bars I'd been gifted - Lila Jasmine was born. We know how busy new mums are + we set out to offer a nutritious snack that could be eaten on-the-go, one with a great nutritional profile that actually tasted good. Together with food technologists we've created a range of dairy free lactation bars made from ingredients traditionally known for their galactagogue properties. We now offer a gorgeous version that is beautifully made, ready to gift or to be eaten anywhere, anytime!

Today I'm answering your lactation bar questions;

How do we use the lactation bars?

It is recommend that you eat one bar every other day to being with or you might get more than you've bargained for. Gague your response to the galactagogues + either increase or decrease your intake from there.

They're designed to eat on-the-go, deliberately individually wrapped so you can have one with you anywhere + eat it anytime. You could try crumbling one + serving with yoghurt + fresh fruit or warming one for 20 seconds + serving with custard or ice-cream

Do the lactation bars actually work?

You tell us that they do! These bars are full of galactagogues which are ingredients traditionally used to increase breast milk supply but we make no promises that these will improve your supply - after all, we're all different.

What is a galactogogue?

A galactagogue is a substance used to increases breastmilk supply. Our lactation bars have the following galactagogues - brewers yeast, oats, chia seeds + linseed

How many bars should I eat?

It's recommend that you don't eat more than 1 in a day, 1 every other day is a good place to start. Increase or decrease from there

Are the bars gluten and dairy free?

The lactation bars are oat based + therefore contain gluten but, they are dairy free

Do I have to be breastfeeding to eat them?

No you don't have to be breastfeeding to eat them, what's great about Lila Jasmine Milk Support Lactation Bars is they make a great snack for anyone - mums, dads, children, even grandparents. The bars were formulated alongside food technology experts and the brief was that they MUST taste great + Anyone MUST be able to eat them. We think that has been achieved and that you'll love them as much as we do

Do the bars have an expiry date?

Yes - all bars are stamped with a best before date. They have a 12 month shelf life from the date of production which is currently May 2023

It's my hope that these bars support you in 4th trimester - breastfeeding or not, that they nourish you in the busy moments and that they become the gift you give to new or expectant mums who will be grateful for the thought and gesture.

Ren. X


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