Meet the Maker - Sara Nixon of The Nude Alchemist

After an influx of requests for a tub of magic named Teething Tamer here at Little Mash, I met Sara, the owner of The Nude Alchemist. She claims she isn't nude [hahaha well only sometimes] rather the brand is nude; it's transparent, no preservatives, fillers or synthetics - only natural ingredients. She is our Meet the Maker this week & I'm chuffed to get to know a little bit more about the face behind this well-loved brand. I'm a bit of a nosey gal, I love to know who's behind a brand so enjoy as we get to know more about Sara & The Nude Alchemist

I'll forever be impressed by mothers at the helm of businesses. I often feel like a seesaw, never quite balanced - I think most people can relate to that as they navigate their own lives and like me are looking for inspiration to do better. What makes you work so well? What is a day in the life of Sara Nixon like? How do you juggle your time wearing the many hats that you do?

I think balance is one of those things that is ideal, but never quite achievable, especially as your plate continues to be stacked higher and higher as time goes on. I think you would relate Renata - I am in awe of how much you manage to juggle too! I am reasonably aware of how thinly stretched I have become over every aspect and task in my daily life, and I am now on a mission to hire, delegate and outsource to avoid a mental breakdown! At the moment, I am just taking each day as it comes, no magical potion or formula for that one!

Sara Nixon - the face behind the brand The Nude Alchemist

I love how you say "When you choose organic products, you are helping the earth that ultimately feeds us". Can you tell us how we can implement more organic products into our lives & homes? I'm not succeeding here!

Haha, I don't think it is about succeeding, rather doing what you can, where you can. If we strive for perfection, we will fail before we begin - a Virgo trait that I have to remind myself about continually! Sometimes organic products can be challenging to find locally, and often expensive. A good start would be your garden. Keep a compost bin to recycle food scraps, feed the earth, plant some seeds, and it will feed you. And don't fall into the fast fashion trap, buy second hand where feasible or decent locally made items that will last more than a season and made from natural fibres. The fashion industry is responsible for much of the environment's pollution due to its methods, materials and waste products.

Sara, what is your favourite part of your business? The thing you love to do the most?

I love product development. I love coming up with new products to help people with their ailments; I find it very fulfilling and gives me purpose. Product development is ultimately the backbone of how it all started and kept going! It is also an outlet for my creative juices. When this aspect of the business doesn't get the attention it needs, I feel like I am running on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

We've fought well against COVID-19, and now we're getting back into more regular operation, a new normal. How does that feel?

I found level 4 and 3 very overwhelming. I have a newfound respect and gratitude for ECE teachers and the centres. I am also hugely grateful for the three new faces that we have hired over the last couple of weeks to help with the workload. To top it off we have had issues with our supply chain due to the circumstances worldwide, so we are now doing a lot of planning for the future!

You've said, "When you choose The Nude Alchemist, you are choosing an eco-conscious small business that cares for the planet". Tell us, what are your top 3 Nude Alchemist Products and why?

I am choosing the following based on my own highest personal use;

  1. Lunar Gold - I can't live without this one - a total self-care product. It is fantastic for those fine lines that suddenly appear post-children and hydrating tired, dry skin. In fact, I kept it to myself for a whole year before releasing it to the public!
  2. B.O. Banish - this deodorant was in development well before The Nude Alchemist was officially born. I use this every day without fail. If I miss a day, anyone in close proximity will notice instantly, especially when I am running around HQ like a headless chicken!
  3. Anti-Stress Serum - this little beauty takes the edge off the stresses of everyday life, especially while juggling so many balls in the air, making life more manageable!

Thanks a million for chatting with us Sara,

Little Mash. X


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