#MUMLIFE with: Lashara Fluhler

#MUMLIFE with: Lashara Fluhler

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My childhood was fun and filled with love. My parents were young and social and I remember always being around family and friends. I spent a lot of time climbing trees, dressing up as a fairy, playing in my mums make up, jumping on the trampoline, talking to animals and playing in the cul-de-sac we lived in till the street lights came on. My best friends were my little brother and my cousin. It actually makes me smile thinking about this. I don’t think I do it enough. The simple things.

What is a typical day in your life?

If I am not teaching yoga in the AM: On an ideal day, after I have had a reasonable sleep, I usually try wake up around 6.30am for a little bit of space to myself. I think this time is important when you’re a mum, a time to set yourself up for the day. A coffee that is hot and you can enjoy in your own time is an absolute treat and I try make the most of it. Around 7.30am Kyran wakes up and it's all go… I am still breastfeeding so I give him a morning feed then we get up, have breakfast together, do our morning routine & we are out the door to day-care for an 8.30am start - which to be honest is usually a 8.45am start. I’m always behind. I start work at 9am on a good day. Work for me is teaching yoga & running a yoga studio. Some days I teach 1 yoga class and do work from my computer or phone most the day & others I can teach up to 5/6 yoga classes. A typical day for me always looks different and it is just the nature of what I do. In my schedule I make it a priority to move my body everyday wether it is 20mins or an hour. I honestly take what I can because it is better than nothing and always makes me feel good. I pick Kyran up every day at 2pm and pop him down for a nap. In this space I get my house chores done. If I am not working in the evening we have bath time & dinner as a family, or Kyran spends the evenings with a baby sitter or his grandparents when I teach yoga. My day always ends with cuddles & a story with Ky. Bedtime feed & ready to do it all again the next day. On Fridays I always take the day off and spend it with Kyran - no work, no yoga & it is my favourite day of the week. I think if you are a busy mum, it is important to have those off days to really enjoy your children - it makes a huge difference.

    How do you balance Mum life and owning business? Do you have any special tips and tricks for us?

    To be honest I am still sometimes trying to work it out. I think you have to be open to things not being perfect. Being open to having a flexible schedule because that’s the nature of having a child. There are some nights I’ve spent working all night when Kyran is asleep just so I can have more time with him when he is awake. This is why I think having that moment in the mornings to enjoy time with yourself is so important. I definitely do have moments of struggle switching off from work mode to mum mode, but the few things that have worked for me are…

    1. Having those permanent NO WORK days to enjoy your child and let them enjoy you.
    2. Not replying to every email straight away. Understanding people can wait.
    3. Having a schedule - but not being attached to it. Be adaptable to change.
    4. Scheduling time for yourself everyday. Do something that lights YOU up.
    5. Most important. Know your Priorities. Kyran will ALWAYS be mine & will come first over my work and everyone knows that.

    Can you tell us how Ara Studios came to be?

    Ara studios came about when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Kyran. My mum and I always spoke about having a brand together and naming it “ARA”. Why ARA? My Mums name is Kara & my name is Lashara (ARA). When pregnant with Kyran I stopped working as a personal trainer and decided to put my energy into growing a yoga community. Very quickly I was teaching all around Hamilton and I couldn’t do it by myself so my mum started to teach alongside me. As we grew more that is where we built our amazing team that is now family to us & still to this day teach our classes. Our community grew the most when we started our own $5 classes which started to get so full we knew we needed a space. Technically we created a “studio” without a physical studio. Not how most people do things but it worked for us. We finally opened our studio in November 2019 & now have a home for our ever growing community. Ara Studios has been a success because we are a team - not just one person & we are all passionate about yoga & the people in our community. This month we also opened a space in the city & our goal is to grow Ara Studios more and more over the years to come - finding more amazing yoga teachers & widening our community out of Hamilton.

    What advice would you give someone who may feel intimidated to try yoga?

    If you can breathe you can do yoga. There is so many misconceptions around yoga - that you have to be slim, flexible, strong and be able to twist yourself into crazy postures… when in reality you’ll find most people in the yoga room are not this. But it is not until you give it a go that you can understand this. Yoga is not what you see online & just like you, most people are so worried about what is happening for them on the mat that they actually don’t notice others in the room. I really think the hardest part is to start. Just like anything new you have to be open to not being the best at it and let go of expectations. Just come as you are and that is enough. Yoga is so much more than touching your toes or doing a headstand and I don’t think anyone can understand this until they try it. If you have wanted to try yoga and you feel these things I have listed above – I ask you – are you breathing? If yes (which I know you are) let go of expectations and give it a go. It is better to try it and not like it than spend your life wondering – WHAT IF?

    What is the best parenting advice you have received?

    That you know your child best but to be open to advice when it is needed. Being a parent does not come with a manual. They are not a OSFA. They're all different and they are yours for a reason. Trust yourself & if you are a little unsure ask your mum (that’s what I do) *if not your mum, someone you admire as a parent yourself.

    Lashara has recently announced she is expecting another wee bub and we are so excited for her! You can follow her journey on Instagram @lasharafluhler and find more information for Ara Studios here. Thank you for sharing with us, Lashara!

    Lashara's Little Mash Loves;

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    2. The Kiss Co. Books
    3. Babyhood Co-Sleeper


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