#MUMLIFE with: Milly Emery

#MUMLIFE with: Milly Emery

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My childhood was active and social. My weekends were spent playing sports and running free on my grandparent’s farm with my siblings and cousins. It was simple and fun. The active, outdoorsy lifestyle is something that has largely shaped my own values and the type of mum I am.

What is a typical day in your life? 

I like to have a mixture of structure and flow within my days. As a working mumma of two, there is a lot of juggling and variables in my day to day and week to week life. This year my big girl Lila started school and I became a private contracting Occupational Therapist, which allows me to manage my own hours. Outside of school and work some non-negotiables in our day are exercise, fresh air, outdoor play and catching up with friends. You’ll often find me running to school with my girls and the neighbours kids in tow followed by a coffee and catch up with friends. A beach walk at sunset is our favourite way to the end any day.

We are absolutely smitten by your girls! Where do you source their clothes and do you have any styling tips and tricks for us?

Thank you! With the girls and my wardrobe I like to buy a few good quality items each season and then shop vintage either at our local opshops or online. I love having a mixture of old and new in our wardrobes. My biggest styling tip would be to focus on cuts and materials. A well cut garment is timeless and versatile across all seasons. Second tip would be, to encourage your child’s natural style. Just like adults, kids always look the coolest and happiest when embracing what is comfortable and an expression of them. 

Do you have any special family traditions?

We do the usual Easter egg hunts, Christmas tree picking and birthday parties which are planned and celebrated as a reflection on what the girl’s are enjoying at that particular stage of their childhood. Each week I try to block a small amount of time to spend individually with Lila and Flora letting them choose an activity. Often it’s a simple activity like a bike ride or an ice cream at the wharf. It's these ‘simple’ one on one moments that are the most special traditions we have made and where I see the girls thrive.

How do you care for your own mental and physical wellbeing while juggling work and two children?

Taking time for myself is what helps give me balance while juggling multiple things. Taking time for ourselves is very individual and looks different for everyone. For me, I know I am the best version of myself when I have taken time to exercise, have adult conversation and laughs with my closest and time alone to recharge.

What is the best parenting advice you have received?

To not over read, over think or compare. Trust in your own instincts and enjoy the journey.

Milly currently lives and enjoys life with her darling girls in Raglan, New Zealand. She shares snippets of her life with the dreamiest photos on Instagram and Lila + Flora serve some major outfit inspo (I'm talking bell bottoms and vintage jumpsuits, guys!). Thank you for chatting with us, Milly x

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*Images in this post have been provided by Milly and used with permission. Photo credit to: Nami from Nami Creative Photography


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