Nesting During Pregnancy

Nesting During Pregnancy

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Nesting During Pregnancy Little Mash Boutique

What is nesting?

You might wake up one morning feeling energetic with an overwhelming desire to clean your entire house. This urge to clean and organise is known as 'nesting' or 'sudden burst of energy'. Nesting behaviour refers to an instinct in pregnant animals to prepare a home [or nest] for the upcoming newborn - to provide comfort as well as protection against predators.

When does nesting start?

Typically pregnant women will experience their strongest nesting tendencies in the third trimester.

What are some common signs of nesting?

  • You must clean everything
  • You gotta do the laundry. All of the laundry
  • You insist the nursery needs to be put together... right now
  • You're cooking up a storm in the kitchen
  • You want to purge and declutter
  • You're constantly running to the shops to buy all the things
  • You're motivated to get your personal finances in order
  • You're organising baby clothes repeatedly
  • You have the desire to curate your social media accounts
  • You're trawling Pinterest or Google for nursery + baby inspo
  • You increasingly notice 'annoying' things around your home or garden
  • You want to rearrange or redecorate your living spaces
Nesting During Pregnancy Little Mash Boutique

What should you do during your nesting period?

Do what you must, but don't wear yourself out... trust me the oven scrubbing can wait. Save your energy for the harder work of labor ahead. Here's some ideas of practical and important tasks you can direct your nesting energy towards:

  1. Pack your hospital bag/s
  2. Install the carseat
  3. Wash all baby clothes + linen
  4. Prepare a clean and safe sleeping area for your baby
  5. Organise a changing station with nappies, wipes and hand sanitiser etc
  6. Write your birth plan and provide a copy to your midwife and birthing partner
  7. Organise childcare for older siblings
  8. Prep freezer meals, pre-order groceries or food boxes
  9. Go through your baby supplies to ensure you have the essentials. Purchase or borrow what you need. Find our free printable newborn checklist HERE
  10. REST. Take a nap when you can. Practice yoga or meditation. Go for a walk. Perhaps you can book yourself in for some pampering if your circumstances allow too.

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