Postpartum nutrition, an eBook for new mums!

As modern mothers in our busyness we can lose focus of the importance food has in our postpartum recovery - did you find that? Are you finding that? This Postpartum Nutrition eBook has been written for our very own brand Lila Jasmine Nutrition by adept women, experts in their own fields Tanya Harris + Katie Richardson who generously share their expertise with us & we'd like to further share that with you. 

Here's a little more from the contributors;

Tanya Harris contributor to the Lila Jasmine Nutrition eBook

Hey there! I’m Tanya. If we haven’t met before, I’m a parenting coach. Simply put, I help parents become more present and connected with their children. My work is dedicated to helping parents transform into the loving, mindful parents they most want to be – happier, calmer, more relaxed and creating lifelong bonds with their children. I’ve always been super passionate about helping people (insert a psychology degree, nutrition diploma, yoga teacher training, and then on becoming a Conscious Parenting Coach) and in a previous life, I was a Genomic Wellness Practitioner. During this time, I was seeing so many amazing mothers totally depleted both during their pregnancies and beyond the post-partum period. During that time, my work was dedicated to help mothers reconnect with themselves so that they could replenish and nourish themselves on a holistic level in order to be showing up as their best selves. Motherhood is both a deep joy and responsibility – made even harder when we are undernourished and sleep deprived. That is why it is so important that we prioritize taking care of ourselves in amongst the busy-ness of raising our beautiful little people.

Katie Richardson contributor to the Lila Jasmine Nutrition eBook

As a physiotherpist and nutritionist I am qualified to integrate the two to support you to achieve optimal wellbeing or simply to improve health behaviours and return to exercise. I am trained as an advanced pilates instructor too, with well over 1000 hours teaching under my belt - my work has developed over the years and now I focus on rehabilitation through movement and exercise. I believe that nutrition is a valuable tool to optimise our health, integrating exercise and nutritional advice allows me to achieve the most advantageous results with my clients. I'm a mother of two and with my own personal journeys with fertility and as a surrogate; it wasn’t until I became a mum that I found where my passions lay and I was inspired to specialise in Women’s Health. My personal and professional experiences have provided me with a wealth of knowledge which I'm passionate about sharing. I work out of a clinic in Raglan where I can see you in person or we can have a consult online. Pre and postnatal assessments are a lot of what I do.

For a limited time the Postpartum Nutrition eBook is FREE & it includes;

♥︎ 25 page e-book for with recipes + snack ideas
♥︎ The importance of food, what foods you need & foods for postpartum recovery
♥︎ Practical tips for nourishment in the fourth trimester, food preparation, gut health & supplement

Download your copy HERE

Photo Credit {top to bottom} - Brooke Lark, Tanya Harris, Anne Paar

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