Postpartum Recovery with Viva La Vulva


Viva La Vulva available at Little Mash Boutique

As a midwife I have a special interest in preparing women for the fourth trimester, the addition of Viva La Vulva to our store ticks all the boxes - a brand committed to making navigating your postpartum journey more comfortable. Below is a glossary to explain how products in the range can be used, some are even dual purpose meaning they can be used if you have a Caesarean section - WIN!


  • Designed to ease the discomfort of postpartum vaginal swelling and soreness from vaginal delivery including tears and episiotomy but can also be used on caesarean section wounds once the dressings are off [because it is a surgical wound check with your LMC first]. Supports the formation of healthy skin tissue and promotes skin repair
  • Made from all-natural ingredients, specifically Hypercal and Calendula the both of which are derived from the plants St John's Wort and Marigold combined Ethanol to preserve the tincture
  • Best used with your Peri Wash Bottle, in your bath or spray a bit on your pad


  • A variation of this has been used for centuries, Witch Hazel is well known for its healing and soothing properties and its ability to reduce inflammation. Again, this can be used on caesarean section wounds [with clearance from your LMC] to diminish scar healing time and reduces scar itchiness
  • Made with Witch Hazel [Hamamelis] and nothing else
  • Use with your Peri Bottle filled with cooled boiled water, add 3-5 drops of Witch Hazel, shake the bottle - use this to rinse after urinating


  • Handmade by our friends at Viva La Vula with natural ingredients, designed to aid the healing process post vaginal delivery
  • Made with Epsom salts to help naturally detoxify the body and soothe tired muscles. St Johns Wort to help reduce anxieties. Calendua which has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to heal and soothe wounds. Lavender to promote calmness and relieve stress and anxiousness. Witch Hazel to help sooth irritation and relieve inflammation
  • Simply empty into a bath and enjoy


  • A hand-blended formulation ready for you to make your own frozen padsicles, this is also made form natural ingredients and can be used on your caesarean section would [check with your LMC first]. This mixture provides relief, promotes healing and reduces swelling
  • Made with Aloe Vera Gel that may reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate skin growth and repair. Witch Hazel to help prevent infection, ease pain and alleviate itching. Hypercal which soothes vaginal tears, episiotomy stitches and helps with swelling and supports the formation of healthy skin tissue. Jojoba which can speed up wound healing. Vitamin E an antioxidant which my help protect your cells from damage, it also acts as a natural preservative. Lavender Oil for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can also helps to treat anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness
  • We recommend you take sometime before your due date to make up padsicles and free them before you give birth. Simply spread gel onto a pad, fold pad, place in an airtight container and freeze. Place on your perineum after delivery


  • These have been specifically designed and contoured to be used comfortably on your perineum. Cold therapy is a safe way to soothe pain and reduce swelling that comes with vaginal birth. These can also be used against Caesarean section wounds.
  • Included is 2 specifically designed reusable gel bead packs and 3 super soft and washable outer sleeves. Multiple uses with this one product
  • Keep frozen to apply to your perineum and/or haemorrhoids. These can also be microwaved and used for muscle tension. Great warmed for period pain or cooled as an eye press


  • The first wee after birth can be scary, the idea here is that you use your peri wash bottle to clean and soothe by holding the bottle upside down for a continuous stream of relief 
  • A generous size with 300ml capacity and made from BPA free plastic
  • We recommend using with healing spray

To learn more about the Fourth Trimester you can follow along at Lila Jasmine on Instagram or take my Fourth Trimester Workshop - a course I've created to help women to find their footing as they begin their motherhood journey, everything you need to know so you can have the confidence to bring your new baby home. The beauty of this workshop is that it's offered both in-person if you're local to Hamilton or online from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world, Ren. X

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