Prepping for Your Kids First Real Concert

I took my six year old to her first concert last week - Harry Styles at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland. Despite her hilariously falling asleep part way through, it was ah-mazing and I see many more ticket purchases in our future.

Your first concert is a major rite of passage whether you’re four, fourteen or forty. But if it’s your kid’s first show, you really want it to be a great concert experience - for both you and them. Here’s a handy guide:

1. Do your homework – Is the show on a school night? Is there an opening act that bumps the headliner way past their bedtime? You know your kid’s threshold for staying up late better than anyone, and sometimes an earlier nap is just the ticket.

Also, keep in mind that a Top 40 hit doesn’t necessarily make for a kid-friendly concert. See what other parents are saying and decide what works for you and be sure to check there are no age restrictions before purchasing your tickets.

Most venues (including outdoor) are smoke/vape free but it's worth checking + bare in mind there is likely going to be alcohol present too. 

2. Choose your seats carefully – If the event has assigned seating, try to buy seats near an aisle or exit so you can easily come and go. Like me, you might also want to consider purchasing the cheaper seats. While they might not necessarily have the best views, this way you won't have invested a ton of money only to leave early because your little one is over it.

3. Come prepared – Remember it’s live - and can get loud - so bring earplugs and kid sized earmuffs. Top off your outfits with glow necklaces, bracelets and headbands so it’s easy to see each other in the crowd. It’s both festive and practical.

If it’s an outdoor show, bring a small backpack with more essentials: sunblock, sunglasses, warm jackets/pants and a blanket if there’s a lawn. Water and a few snacks or lollies will help during the long waits in line.

Of course, don’t forget to charge your phone for great photo ops or in case of emergency. And don’t forget cash for those first concert souvenirs!

4. Have an emergency plan – Identify a meeting spot and make sure everyone knows how to find it if they get separated. Consider writing your name and cell number on a large, sticky label and fashion it to your kid’s shirt (or write it in vivid directly on their arm).

For extra peace of mind I chose to attach an Apple AirTag to my daughter, you may want to research a similar option too.

5. Talk about it afterward! – A child’s first live event experience will stay with them forever. Ask them what they liked best and why, what things they’ll remember most, if they enjoyed one instrument in particular, how it felt to be in such a large crowd, what they think it might be like to be onstage…you get the idea. Help them write and illustrate a journal entry about their experience and attach any ticket stubs or wrist bands, photos and receipts.

6. A final tip from me – Go with zero expectations. Mentally prepare for your child to need the bathroom right when your favourite song comes on, or they want to be held the whole time limiting your ability to boogie. Accept there will be some sacrifice on your part. If you are super invested in having a great time, consider waiting until they are a bit older.

Tania of LMB

*the helpful information in this post has been taken from TicketMaster and adapted. You can read their original post HERE

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