The magic of music and musical toys for your baby

Often as parents we think the worst thing we could receive is more noisy toys, right? But music and musical toys are so beneficial for our little ones and here's a few reasons why..

Brain Development

Listening to music fires up different parts of the brain. This helps little ones with things like learning to talk, cause and effect, understanding space, and even math later on in life. So, those lullabies and playful tunes? They’re doing more than just soothing your little one.

Emotional Growth

Music and sound helps your little one understand and express their feelings. Happy tunes can bring out the giggles, while calm melodies can soothe and relax them. It's like giving your baby a way to talk about their feelings without words.

Improve Motor Skills

Musical toys that babies can shake, tap, or bang on help improve their motor skills. Playing with these toys improves coordination and helps those tiny hands and fingers get stronger and more precise.

But I hear you.. You want to support your little one with exploring music but the repetitive old macdonald tune or the persistent beeps that come out of toys nowadays can get old real quick. At Little Mash we have selection of musical toys that are designed to support your baby's development, while also being aesthetically pleasing and making soft gentle sounds that won't over stimulate, you can check them out here.


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