Up yours Corona Virus

I saw this written at the bottom of an email from Good George for their Hand Sanitiser - "Up Yours Corona Virus" & thought yeah, up yours!!! Shoot I'm proud of us Kiwi's. I walk the streets daily with my children & see teddy bears in windows, people keeping their distance, smiling & waving from a far. We're all doing a great job, our only job, which is to save lives. Thank you, immensley!

What a couple of weeks it's been it's been though, amiright?!  I dunno about you but I kinda knew this was where we were headed, I'd prepared our home but when it was announced & I had to lock up the store door I cried some great big cries. I love that little shop, it's the part of this business that I love the most & if I'm real honest I don't know what future looks like for her but I do know it will be different!

I know things have been a little muddy out there but this has always been crystal clear for me - we are not an essential business so we are not shipping any orders until the lockdown has been lifted.  And yes, the door is locked to our bricks & mortar store but our online store remains open. It is our hope that those of you who love us will choose us again while you're shopping from home so that we can unlock 320 Barton Street real soon. And with that said, please know that I'm sensitive to the pandemic, not one of us has escaped its sting! 

Tania & I will be coming to you bi-weekly with blog posts - the kind you want to read, the kind filled with goodness, the kind you'll share with others. I hope you find enjoyment in our research, in our writing & in our sharing.

And you know what I'd love?! I'd really love it if you could share with me the peak & pit of your day. For the duration of the lockdown I'll be sharing mine with you on both Instagram & Facebook - I find some healing in sharing the good & the bad. Join in, I'd love to hear from you!

Ren. X

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