We've been at this for two years now...wow!

We've been at this for two years now...wow!

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Technically we celebrated this milestone on October 9th - Jeremy & I tucked into Malaysian takeout on the couch once the kids were in bed. You bet we acknowledged it, especially this year! I read back on the blog post I wrote 12 months ago, you can read it HERE but first can we all just gush over this note Jeremy left me a year ago - I'm sad to report there wasn't a note from him this year.

"It's been 12 months & its been a crazy but awesome time. This wasn't in our plan but we decided to give it a go anyway & I'm glad we did. Although it's been really, really challenging what we've learned about each other & the new skills we've grown has been enormous & worth it. I love to work with you, we've learned to ride the highs & the lows together. You know I'm full of optimism, the future looks awesome. Happy 1 year" - Jeremy

So, in keeping with tradition I will share 3 things I have learned this year;

  1. Kindness always prevails
  2. Stick to what you're good at
  3. I learned more about YOU!

Doctor Ashley Bloomfield [who I love BTW] has reminded us of the importance of kindness this year as we've navigated our way in this new world. We're taught as little children to treat others the way we want to be treated, to always be a friend to the person with none & to show kindness. This year kindness has been amplified, it's as if everything else shrunk & only kindness grew, I see it knitted into everyday situations & it's my favourite part of 2020! 

The second best thing is Tania, she's transformed our wee shop. All those subtle but beautiful changes that you've noticed were her - we're so grateful to have her be apart of LMB. I worked 6 days a week in-store last year, plus the unending hours at home but this year we knew we needed help & in she walks. The part of our business I love the most is working in the store but my time isn't best spent there - instead, you will find Tania in there most, I bet you're getting to love her as much as us. She's kind, creative, full of ideas, a wonderful mother to Marley, lover of bright lipstick & this is a little weird but she always smells great too [TMI maybe or perhaps she'll share her perfumes with us].

The final thing I learned this year is more about YOU, our customers, the people who allow us to still be here. What I've learned is that you don't want us to bring you loads of clothing. I learned that you prefer us to bring you things for your babies, for you in your pregnancy, as you breastfeed & gifts for the little people in your lives. I learned that you like to support small & local. Believe me, when you tell that to my face I have to swallow back tears. I learned that you like us to be present in our inbox. You like to be able to chat with us, pick our brains & have us show things in more detail. Most of all I learned that you still want us to be here & thank goodness for that because I didn't want to go anywhere. 

Thank you for giving us two years,

Loads of love, Ren. X

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