What is this? Kinderboard


When I hear the question “what is this?” drift over the shop shelves, I can almost always guarantee it is about the Kinderfeets Kinderboard. With its sleek design, the Kinderboard may appear deceptively simple, but take a closer look and you will find a unique toy that can provide your child with hours of imaginative play.

What does a Kinderboard do?

Originally introduced in Waldorf and Montessori classrooms, balance boards have been used for decades to support a child's mental and physical development while also serving as a versatile and sustainable option for explorative free play. Put simply, a Kinderboard is completely open-ended, the only limitation is your imagination.

The Kinderboard becomes a…

  • Seesaw
  • Balancing toy
  • Slide
  • Stepping stool
  • Boat
  • Resting nook
  • Surf board
  • Desk
  • Fort
  • Dolls house
  • A base for small world play
  • A mountain and so much more!

A Kinderboard can be used both indoors and outdoors and are a great tool to use during exercise, yoga and for kids to get out some of their energy. There are proven physical benefits to using a Kinderboard as kids develop a sense of balance, mind-muscle connection, ankle strength and learn how it works. It can also improve their motor skills as they push, pull and manoeuvre it around the house.

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What age is a Kinderboard for?

Kinderboard sizes can vary. The Kinderboard Lite is recommend for children 12+ months and the original Kinderboard 18+ months. However, with your close supervision, a Kinderboard can be introduced to a baby as a gentle rocking toy or an exciting and challenging climbing toy for your curious crawler. They are also great for school aged children and can be used to stand, read and nap on or as an unobtrusive homework desk too. Kids love using these boards specifically for their open-ended nature and unlimited play potential they possess. My personal suggestion is ‘the earlier the better’ to allow your child to grow with the board and to really make the most of all the wonderful physical and mental benefits.

Is it worth it?

A Kinderboard is definitely an investment piece and many parents will wonder if it is worth it. In my opinion, due to its versatility and the unlimited potential for hours and years of imaginative play, it is worth it. It is a one-time cost that promises longterm payback and can last down through the generations or be given to a friend when your child has finally outgrown it.

Tania of LMB

Images by Tash Stokes of Black Robin Photography

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