What makes merino wool so special?

What makes merino wool so special?

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As a midwife I go on and on about how babies aren't very good regulation their temperatures, how their hand's and feet are almost always cold and if you can invest in merino wool base layers [singlets, socks and hat]. Nature knows best when it comes to creating fabric fibres and the natural benefits of merino wool are numerous; it’s no surprise that it has become a wardrobe staple, from adventure wear to sports gear to everyday fashion.

Here’s what makes merino wool so special:

It’s soft on skin

The super fine fibres of merino wool offer a luxuriously soft fabric once spun, making it gentle on skin [especially the sensitive skin of babies!], and without the irritation of traditional wool.

It keeps you dry

This clever wool is able to take moisture away from the skin as a vapour, which is then released into the air. It means that even when you’re working up a sweat, your skin will stay warm and dry, without feeling clammy.

It’s not just for winter

Merino wool is a versatile fabric that can be worn all year round. That’s due to its ability to regulate body temperature, keeping heat in when the outside temperature is cold, and releasing unwanted warmth when the temperature heats up.

It stays fresh for longer

Merino’s special fibres can also trap odour caused by bacteria, meaning your socks stay fresher for longer compared to other fabrics. Merino socks are great for travelling or for activities that call for a little more exertion!

It’s a better choice for the planet

Merino is a natural, regenerative fibre, grown by happy, healthy sheep. And what starts in nature, can go back to nature too - merino is completely biodegradable, meaning it breaks down in the ground and puts nutrients back into soil.

How to choose the right size for you infant

Lamington socks come in two sizes - crew and knee high length and we're often asked 'how do I choose the right size for my infant?'. To ensure your Lamington Socks are not too tight on your infant always place a finger between your baby’s skin and the band of the sock to make sure the items are not restrictive. If you think they are too firm either scrunch the sock down, fold over the cuff, or go to the next size up.

How to care for your Lamington Socks

  • Cut the plastic tag from the packaging with sharp scissors, never pull apart with your hands
  • Wash with similar colours, never in hot water!
  • Wash inside out in a little washing bag
  • Keep away from direct heat
  • Do not bleach
  • Don not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean

*this post has been adapted from the Lamington website, you can read the original information HERE


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